Vote for Me in the Cheap Sally Contest!

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Update: Thank you for all of your support! The contest is now over and I didn’t win but I want to give congratulations to Melissa who did!  I can’t think you enough for standing behind me through this.


First of all let me say thanks so much for all of your support thus far in the Cheap Sally Bring Home the Bacon Contest!


For those who don’t know I have entered the Cheap Bring Home the Bacon Contest and I have a chance to win $100,000!  I need your help to win.  I can’t make it to the next round without you.  Please Click Here and vote for me. You can vote once a day through Nov. 28th.  I’m a work-at-home mom who blogs for a living.  My family strives for a debt free life and we look forward to the day when we can pay off our house and build our kid’s college fund.  Check out my little sweetie pie trying to win me votes.


If I win this contest I will be blogging for Cheap sally and helping you find amazing deals!  You can rest assured that nothing will change here at Embracing Beauty.  You’ll still get the same coupons, freebies, deals, & giveaways like always.



I need your help to make it to the third round!  It will  be a shopping competition to find the best deals and I would LOVE to compete!


I am counting on all of you to help!

I would really, really appreciate if everyone could do two little clicks to help me win:

1. Go to my contest profile:

2. Click the orange “Vote For Me!” button with the heart

You can vote daily!  Once per phone and once per computer.

If you need a reminder reply to this with the best way to remind you {email, Facebook message, Twitter message, etc}.


Each vote counts as 2 votes on the 26th & the 28th!


3 Ways You Can Help Spread The Word!

1. If you have a Twitter account, retweet the following on Twitter – Vote for @Beauty4Moms in the @cheapsally $100,000 #bringhomethebacon #contest!

2. If you have a Facebook page any post you would write encouraging people to vote for me ( would be greatly appreciated.

3. If you have a blog any post you would write encouraging votes would be wonderful.  Here’s the link to share –


I love you for being a faithful follower and I hope I have your vote!


Please Vote – I’m Nominated for the Parent’s Magazine ‘Best Mom Fashion Blog’ Award!

Parents Best Mom Fashion Blog

I just found out that a few of you wonderful readers nominated for the Parent’s Magazine Best Blog Award in the Best Mom Fashion category!


First, thank you {thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!} to those of you who nominated me.   I’m thrilled beyond words! If I’m going to win, I’ll need your help! Please go to the Best Blog Award page and click on the little pink oval to vote for EmbracingBeauty! Voting closes on October 15, 2011, and the winning blogs will be announced shortly thereafter.  This is a one time vote unlike the CheapSally contest.

By the way, I’m not doing this for any sort of monetary prize or tangible award. The winners will be noted in an upcoming issue of Parent’s Magazine, and I’m just hoping to reach more people to share the ways of frugal living with!

Thanks again to those of you who went out of your way to nominate me!  I also want to say thank you to ALL of my amazing readers! Your motivation and inspiration is what keeps this site going.  You are greatly appreciated!