Love the Moment in Virginia Beach

Live the Life

My family has never taken an official vacation together.  Sure we’ve traveled to visit family and we travel almost every year to visit the cutest little B&B for a day or two but we’ve never had an actual vacation together.  We’re saving up to take a trip either this year or next and I’ve been brainstorming ideas on where to go and how to go for cheap.


I was blessed to have grandparents and great aunts who invested a lot into my life growing up.  {They’re still a huge blessing!}  Since they were retired they would usually travel to the beach at least once in the summer and take me and my cousin with them.  I look back on that time so fondly!  They loved getting up early and walking on the beach.  I’m the type of person that enjoys sleeping in no matter where I am but I love, LOVED, loved swimming.  I still love swimming and I look forward to teaching my little one when she gets a bit older.  My parents took me to the beach on their vacations too.  I loved hopping from the ocean to the pool and back again.


There’s just something about the beach that makes life wonderful.  Maybe it’s the sun and saltwater, the roar of the ocean, or maybe it’s just spending carefree days with family just hanging out.  I know one of my favorite things about the beach is seeing the beautiful, detailed creation that God made.  I love the mountains and muddy creeks but there is something about the ocean that just amazes me.  I don’t know how anyone could look at it and not see that there is a God.  Nothing so amazing and so perfect could ever happen by chance.


Remember how I told you my family travels to the beach every summer?  Well, this summer is no different.  This weekend they are headed there and are going to stop by our house to visit on the way down.  I’m excited to see them and listening to them talk about the condo they rented and their plans I’m excited to create my own vacation plans.


Has anyone visited Virginia Beach?  I went there once (or was it twice?) with my roommate and her mom and sister one summer.  We stayed at a friend’s house while they were out of town and house sat for them.  I loved it there!  The beaches weren’t crowded like I had seen other locations.  If I go back again I would love to visit the Cape Henry Lighthouses. has a ton of information on the attractions, which I have enjoyed pouring over, but I would love to hear from you who have been there.  Do you have a recommended place to stay, eat, shop?


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