My Theme Word for 2012

Wow!!! 2011 flew by, didn’t it?! I truly can’t believe how fast the days went!  Christmas seemed to go extremely quick this year too.  With my Cheap Sally competition, all the planning, purchasing, decorating, baking, wrapping, and mailing I almost missed Christmas!  All of those activities fill us with expectations that usually leave us a little deflated after Christmas. I’m not alone in this, am I?  Christmas is never as merry and cheerful as we build it up in our heads.  Don’t get me wrong – we had a marvelous Christmas!!!  But if your Christmas was less than dreamy perfection, it serves as a reminder that nothing that this world offers can satisfy.  We can’t allow ourselves to continually be chasing the next rainbow, the next mega sale, the next big promotion, the next good thing, rather than chasing after our Savior. Absolutely nothing in this world can satisfy like knowing God intimately and walking with Him!


As I take down the Christmas lights and box up the decorations I can’t believe it’s over already.  In no time at all there will be Valentine decorations up and we’ll be well into 2012.


Did you catch that? 2012!!!  I’d like to take a minute and help you to evaluate your 2011 and choose a theme word for 2012.

woman thinking

Take some time to reflect. Find a quiet place to retreat by yourself {possibly outside} and take your Bible with you.  Read Matthew 27 and 28, and think back on the previous year and commit to living your life for God in current year.


Here are the questions that I use to help me evaluate the previous year and I hope they’ll be a help to you also!


1. Your Walk with God – Did you spend time daily in God’s word and in prayer? How can you improve your walk with God in 2012?


Suggestion: Check your schedule and then write down a set time for a quiet time each day.  Yes, schedule time for your devotions.  Mine is 9:00am every morning after my husband goes to work and my little one is napping.


2. Your Marriage – What is one word you’d use to describe your marriage in 2011? Happy, frustrating, growing, difficult, romantic, secure, amazing. What is one thing you know your husband wishes you’d change in your life?


Suggestion: Write down the steps you can take to change that area in your life. Ex. being more organized, cooking healthier, being more laid back, being more respectful, spending more time alone with him…


3. Your Children – What was a high and low point for each of your children in 2011? What is one thing that each of your children need from you in 2012?


Suggestion: Write down the steps you can take toward giving your children what they need. Ex. one on one time, my undivided attention, memorizing God’s word together, reading more to them, playing a sport with them…


4. Your Health – What healthy habits did I have in 2011? What unhealthy habits did I create in 2011 that I need to change in 2012?


Suggestion: Write down some goals for this area. Write out a specific plan for how you will tackle them.  Maybe even start a fitness or food notebook.


5. Your Ministry – What ways did I use my talents for God in 2011? Pray about what God would have you do in 2012.


Suggestion: Start by surrendering your life to God. Be anxious and willing to be used for His purposes.  Remember that each season of life brings different priorities and opportunities. Spend time in prayer about this and allow the Lord to lead you in this area.

Choosing a Theme Word:

Now take a moment to look over your evaluation and choose a theme word for the new year. Last year my theme word was joy. I began 2011 pregnant and I knew that some days were going to be rough and I wanted to remain joyful regardless of my circumstances.  It certainly was a year of joy too! For 2012, my theme word is…drum roll please…purpose.
I want to live each day with purpose! I want to spend my days pursuing things that are important to God, to my family, and for eternity.  I’ve found that my time can easily be stolen from me if I don’t manage it well and this year I want to be purposeful in how I spend it.  Not only do I want to accomplish more but I want to accomplish things that matter.   I’m sure that you’ll see some of this theme popping up in the new year on my blog, as it is continually on my heart and mind.
So what is your theme word for 2012?  I would love to hear it!