New Vogue Sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop

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Vogue Sunglasses

My husband loves wearing sunglasses.  He has beautiful sensitive blue eyes that need protection from the sun.  He wears them constantly when outdoors…even when I don’t think you would need glasses.  I on the other hand only own one pair of glasses that are used mainly as an accessory to decorate the interior of my car.  I think a good pair of sunglasses can really pull off a look but I just don’t usually think about them.

When Sunglasses Shop offered to allow me to review a pair of glasses I was hesitant but after browsing their site for a while I agreed to give it a try.  Ordering designer glasses without trying them on seemed kind of risky, even if they were the ones paying for it, but after looking at the sunglasses guide on their website I felt comfortable choosing a pair that would fit my face shape.

I was nervous again when they arrived in the mail but it only took a few seconds before my mind was put to rest.  These glasses are gorgeous!  You’ll notice the picture above isn’t a picture of me but it’s one of my friend’s daughters.  Her and her mom both wear sun glasses regularly and loved the glasses so I gave the pair to them to share.  Trust me, she’s much cuter than me anyway!

If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses check out the Sunglasses Shop they have Vogue Sunglasses like the ones I received plus a dozen or so other designer sunglasses brands in every shape and color imaginable.  I’ll probably be buying another pair for myself soon and hopefully I’ll remember to wear them.