Cheap Alternative to Pottery Barn’s Wooden Blocks

Pottery Barn Wooden Blocks

Pottery Barn Wooden Blocks $39


Don’t you adore these customized blocks?  I sure do!  I recently received one as a gift for my sweet little angel.  However, the one I received was identical in design, shape, and font but not in price.  Our friends discovered these blocks on years ago and has been giving them as baby shower gifts ever since!


Craft-E-Family Wooden Block $15.50


Identical, right?  The Craft-E-Family block looks darker on the screen than it really is.  I have mine right here and it looks exactly like the Pottery Barn Wooden Block.

Pottery Barn Wooden Blocks – $39
Shipping & Processing – $8
Tax – $3.17
= $50.17


Craft-E-Family – $15.50
Shipping & Processing – $0
Tax – $0
= $15.50


Plus, Craft-E-Family baby blocks offer engraving options that Pottery Barn doesn’t!  Craft-E-Family blocks come standard with “Proud Parents of XXX & XXX  XXXX.”  You also add additional information for a small fee.  It’s only $1.50 to add “A Special Gift From XXX XXXX” on the bottom and only $3 extra to add the names of siblings or the hospital.  I love Pottery Barn but this is one of those times it’s better to shop elsewhere.  If you place an order on Craft-E-Family be sure to tell them that Ashley from sent you!