Free Music: Biggest Loser Workout Mix

The biggest loser workout mix


I haven’t listened to these yet but I’m excited too!  You can get 13 Free songs when you download The Biggest Loser Workout Mix – Top 40 Hits Vol. 4.  You’ll need to enter a valid email address and the coupon code “FREEBL4.” This freebie sample mix will download as a zip file for you to enjoy.


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Oh, by the way!

If you know my husband very well you probably know that he likes to goof off and play around.  Part of that includes singing.  Singing constantly.  Not too many of them are songs you would actually know but a few are.  Most of them he makes up to the melody or rhythm of other songs but by my request he won’t make a parody of George Strait or Alabama.  {Is it melody or rhythm?  I have no clue about music!}  The only exception was when he rewrote George Strait’s song, Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye.  The original lyrics are, “That’s got me worried thinking maybe my baby has gotten good at goodbye” and his lyrics are, “That’s got me worried thinking maybe my baby is having her baby tonight.” I promise I had that song stuck in my head during labor!  I love him!  If you’re still reading, you can tell by now that this is one of those personal babbling type posts that probably won’t add much to your life but I hope it’s fun to take a peek inside mine. : )


Where was I?  Oh yes, my husband likes to sing. A lot.  Whenever we are going throughout the course of our day and one of us will accidentally say a line from a song he’ll start singing the song. It’s pretty fun actually!  I’ve always done this in my head but now I’m married to someone who does the same thing, except out loud.  I love it!  If you have no clue what I’m talking about, here’s an example.  While writing the fourth sentence to this paragraph {The third, if you don’t count “A lot.” as a sentence} I typed, “Whenever we” and I started singing in my head, “Whenever we go out, the people always shout, “There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!” Na na na na na na na.”  It’s really a wonder that I get anything done!


One of the songs my husband frequently sings is By the Way by Joe Scruggs.  I’ve heard him sing this song for years now so I know all of the words but today he messaged me excited that he had finally found a video of the song so I could hear it.  It’s a cute song, here are the lyrics to it!


By the Way

It’s Monday morning,
I’m running late,
There’s not a minute to spare.
Mom calls out, “Come on, let’s go,”
As she finishes drying her hair.
Now I’m in my place with a smile on my face,
Just thinking about my day,
Then I think of some things I’m supposed to bring,
And that’s when I say,
“Dear Mom, oh, by the way,
I need an orange juice can,
Four cotton balls, and
Six rubber bands,
And by the way, I’m an angel in the play,
I’m gonna sing and I need some wings.
Well, I guess I’ve induced some stress
Mom’s smile begins to fade,
And she runs to the kitchen and digs though the trash for the can from the lemonade.
Now I start to protest but she’s doing her best so then I try to make it right…
I say, I need everything by 8:15. BUT I don’t need the wings till tonight.
Oh by the way, I need an ORANGE juice can, if it’s lemonade will the teacher understand?
And by the way they’re having meatloaf today,
if you don’t mind a bunch…I’m gonna need a lunch.
Sometimes I just don’t believe how resourceful mom’s can be.
She gets the cotton balls and the rubberbands from her vanity.
I’ve got a lemonade can not quite the right brand, but mom says ‘It will do.’
Then we’re out of the door it’s 7:54, I won’t be late for school.
Oh by the way, meatloaf is better than it seems…
for my lunch mom packed a can of sardines.
And for the play it’s sisters costume from ballet I’m gonna sing in her butterfly wings.”


Ha! Ha!  Isn’t that awesome?  I can see why my husband loves it so.  How many parents of elementary school children have not lived that morning before at least once?  If you can’t identify with this song from your present circumstances in life, maybe you can remember doing that to your parents at one time or another.  I know I sure can!  My poor Mom put up with so much.  Mom, if you’re reading this, I love you!


Doing a little research I found that Joe Scruggs got his singing career started by writing songs for his wife’s kindergarten class.  Who knows, maybe my husband will be the next great parody song writer?  I really think he would do awesome at it.  He’s got some good ones!  Weird Al, are you listening?  If you need any ideas, I know someone who can help!


You can watch the video of “By The Way”  here on YouTube.


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Childrens 101


Right now on Amazon you can get 101 popular kid’s songs for only $1.99!  I just bought this and I think you’ll want to too if you have little kiddos around the house.  You can preview the songs just to make sure you like them.  Each song regularly retails for 99 cents so you’re getting $101 worth of music for only $1.99!  That’s a tremendous savings!  Please note that Amazon prices change all the time, so hurry if you’re interested and double check the price before purchasing!  Go now to see the current price on Amazon here: 101 Children’s Songs.


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Free Christian Music Downloads


Right now you can find  25+ free christian music MP3 downloads from Amazon.  My favorite is Gaelic Strings but I know many of you like Avalon.  Snag these while you can because we never know when the prices will increase!

Free Jars of Clay Album ($10 value)

Jars of Clay

Right now at NoiseTrade you can get a free 11-song album download called “Gather and Build” by Jars of Clay for free ($10 value).  To get this free Jars of Clay album you will need to enter your email address and they will email you a unique code to receive this download.   By signing up for this download you will be registered for their enewsletter but you can unsubscribe at anytime.  You can save the MP3 files for all 11 songs to your computer.


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Free “What Wondrous Love is This?” Instrumental mp3 Download

With Grateful Praise

You can download What Wondrous Love is This? track from the With Grateful Praise album for free!

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VeggieTales: Five Super Silly Songs Free!


Right now you can get VeggieTales Five Super Silly Songs for free.  Don’t you just love free music?

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Free George Frideric Handel Classical Composers Unit

Classical Composers Monthly

Classical Composers Monthly is now offering a free Classical Composers Unit on George Frideric Handel when you sign up for their email newsletter.

This freebie includes three ebooks, three Classics for Kids podcasts, and videos and audios of Handel’s music.

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