MotherKnows: Review & 1 Year Premium Membership Giveaway ($98 Value)!

Update: This MotherKnows giveaway is now over and Shelly P. is the winner!


I don’t know about you, but I am constantly losing things.  I try my best to keep everything organized and in it’s place but often when I’m looking something I don’t use regularly I forget where that place is.   This is especially true when it comes to papers!  Doesn’t it seem like important papers disappear into thin air?  I think they do!  My husband’s paper organizational skills are awesome.  He keeps every receipt neatly filed in the order it was received.  Me on the other hand, I have had to reorder my birth certificate numerous times and my passport once.  Together we’ve come up with a really great filing system that works well if I can remember to put the papers into the filing cabinet.


Recently with the birth of our little girl we received three…that’s right, not just one but three forms to keep track of her doctor visits and immunizations.  What’s a scatterbrained mom to do?  I kind of panicked and told my husband that he has to be responsible for them because I would lose them.  I suggested that we keep them inside our baby notebook and he agreed.  Our notebook contains doctor info, baby milestones to be on the look out for, and our beloved baby schedule from


I was contacted recently to review and after I heard more about it I was eager to sign up!  MotherKnows is the perfect way to store your children’s medical records, track developmental milestones, remember upcoming appointments, and have it all right at your fingertips.  This is a life saver!  We’ll still keep try to keep track of our paper records but it will be so nice to have an electronic copy that’s easily accessible and always there.  Ahh, peace of mind is nice.


MotherKnows offers three different membership plans for you to choose from.  The first is a free plan (who doesn’t like free?) where you enter all of your child’s information yourself.  There is also a monthly plan and a yearly plan where all you do is enter your personal information including your pediatrician’s contact information and they’ll pull the information for you (once you electronically sign the release that is)!


To celebrate the launch of their website , MotherKnows is giving away a Free Child Fingerprint ID Kit plus a 60-day free trial to the first 500 registrants.  Simply go to, enter promo code MK7 to claim your free gift.


Now for the giveaway!

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Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign on behalf of MotherKnows and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.