Take Time for “Me Moments”

I have recently started spending more time alone in the Bible.  Just like exercising, I always have trouble getting started but once I do I LOVE it and I can’t believe I could ever have difficulty starting.  When possible, I love to have my devotional time when I’m in the home alone so I don’t have any distractions.  Sometimes I’ll sit at the kitchen table and have a big cup of coffee and a few cookies.  Sometimes I’ll lie on my bed to read.  This time deepens my love and understanding of God, but also gives me a good 30 minutes of calm, relaxing time.

What do you do for time alone?  Milano cookies wants to know what’s your “me time”, your “Milano Moment.”  They are encouraging everyone to savor a little “Milano Moment” each day.  If you want, stop by the Milano Facebook page to share your moment with them, I know they would love to hear it.  With their newly-introduced Strawberry Milanos now hitting the shelves, that little moment has become even more delicious!  Here is a $1 off coupon for your own package of Milano cookies!Milano Strawberry Cookies

So what does your moment alone consist of? Is it like mine – completely quite and peaceful or is it stealthily stolen among  playing children? Or is it more elaborate – maybe a nightly bubble bath?  Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy a moment for yourself today!