Unofficial Hopscout Blogroll


This is a place where you can find kid-friendly, Hopscout-loving bloggers to follow and a place for Hopscout-loving bloggers to find each other.  I hope you enjoy this list and if you would like for me to add your blog name to this list just leave me a message in the comments.  {This is an unofficial list and is in no way related to Hopscout.}

Also if you would like to vote for my Hopscout video I would be extremely grateful. : )  If you have no clue what Hopscout is or what video I’m talking about go to my post on the Hopscout Millionaire Mom contest here.

Unofficial Hopscout Blogroll

1. Embracing Beauty

2. Memoirs of Thirty

3. The Cool Kids Blog

4. The Life of Reilly

5. Sippy Cup Mom

6. Go Graham Go

7. Lily ‘n Wren

8. Stork Feathers

9. Our Ordinary Life

10. SuperMom on the Run

11. Aspiring Mama

12. Mom Rhapsody

13. The Frugal Pinay

Hopscout’s Stay-at-Home Millionaire Mom

Hopscout millionaire

Let me start with the summary:


Let me start at the beginning.  Hopscout (formerly known as Liluxe) is a site that sells kids toys, one cool toy a day.  Several sites do a deal-a-day but Hopscout stands out from the crowd because they are the only ones focused on classic and timeless toys!  Ya’ll know I love a good deal but I also LOOOVE classic toys (classic anything really)!  Hopscout has great products, good deals and a neat video to go along with each toy they sell.

Hopscout announced a while back that they were going to be hiring 5 new editors.  I shared this news on my blog, Twitter, & Facebook but it wasn’t until my husband saw the opportunity and asked me about it that I seriously thought about applying myself.  I thought it would be an incredible opportunity with great perks but I was hesitant to try because the first cut would required many, many people to vote for my application video.  My husband knew this was the perfect job for me and encouraged me to give it a try.  Here I am, giving it my best shot!

I’m not one who likes to ask for votes, that’s just not my personality.  I was recently in a contest for StartUpNation’s Leading Mom in Business and I quietly placed a button on my sidebar to advertise it.  I never tweeted about it once!  So, yes, this is very difficult for me to do but I hope you’ll see why I am doing it and will go vote for me. : )

Here are 10 reasons why I know I would be a GREAT Hopscout editor!

10. I’m a kid at heart.  I enjoy board games and tea parties as much as little girls.

9. I love reviewing good products and spreading the word about them.

8. I greatly enjoy social media and interacting with other “real” parents.

7. I love toys!  Thinking of my old Light Bright still brings a smile to my face every time and don’t give me a Magna Doodle because I won’t give it back.

6. I get a lot of fulfillment from blogging (I think this one was a given, right?).

5. I have always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom but still have another small job or hobby of my own.

4. I looove to shop!

3. I get joy from giving to others and making them smile.

2. I’m a hard worker and strive to do my best at every job given.

1. I’m passionate about kids playing with real toys and not battery operated, no-imagination games!

Convinced yet?  I hope so!  Please take a moment of your time to vote for my video. You know I would do the same for you if you asked me to (and I have for several of you who have asked me to vote for your cute baby picture, music video, or adorable pet picture). 🙂

In case any of you are wondering, if I do get the job you can rest assured that nothing will change here at Embracing Beauty or Beauty4Moms!  You’ll still get the same coupons, freebies, deals, & giveaways like always.

3 Ways You Can Help Spread The Word!

1. If you have a Twitter account, retweet the following on Twitter – RT: @Beauty4Moms wants to be a @hopscout editor! #stayathomemillionaire mom Please vote for Ashley Walkup –

2. If you have a Facebook page any post you would write encouraging people to “Like” my video ( would be greatly appreciated.

3. If you have a blog any post you would write encouraging votes would be wonderful.  Here’s the link to share –

I love you for being a faithful follower and I hope I have your vote!