The Ultimate Christmas Handbag Checklist: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

This post is a guest contribution from Sam who happens to know a lot about beauty products.  I think you’ll enjoy it!

Have you ever been caught out at Christmas looking far from your best? Perhaps it was the mystery hot single male at your friend’s house, old colleagues who turned up out of nowhere or even an ex-boyfriend you bump into while you are feeling the worst for wear?

We can’t look at our glamorous best all the time and certainly Christmas is a time when we are most likely to be thrown into situations where we’re wearing our fluffy bear slippers, sporting our best bed-head hairstyle and without a spot of make-up on.

But never fear, with these make-up essentials in your handbag this Christmas you’ll always come out looking flawless!

Essential Skin Care Items

If your face is blotchy from too much alcohol and rich foods and those bags under your eyes look like they’ve already hit the shops on the Boxing Day sales, you need a quick fix.

Facial Wipes

Always carry a packet of facial wipes in your handbag just to cleanse and tone and set your face ready for a little fix-up magic.


This is a must at this time of year and the brand Soap & Glory have brought out a fantastic Double-Action Under Eye Dark Circle Corrector which reflects the light and instantly transforms your tired looking eyes to give the illusion of someone who’s had one of the best night’s sleep ever!

Finish off with just a dab of foundation. Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse Foundation is ideal for quick coverage.


If you have time, just blend in a little blusher along the cheekbone for a touch of colour. Alternatively you can pinch both your cheeks, but having some blusher in your handbag spares you the pain and gives more of a professional finish!

L’Oreal’s Touch-On Colour does a splendid job and can be used for both eyes and cheeks.

Revitalising Tired Eyes

Put the sparkle back into your dark and tired eyes by following this simple tip:

Tip for Sparkling Eyes

Apply a shimmering light colour to the inner corner of your eyes for instant sparkle!

As eye-liner is far from quick to apply and can go horribly wrong, we suggest some brown mascara instead for long, full looking lashes that aren’t over the top but which will widen and highlight your eyes beautifully.

Kiss Those Cracked Lips Goodbye

This winter weather can play havoc with your lips, leaving them in much need of some TLC. Having some lipstick in your handbag is a must at any time of the year and in winter you need to plump for bold reds, burgundies and deep maroons.

If you don’t have time to carefully apply some lipstick try a quick swab of colored lip gloss. Max Factor has brought out their Silk Gloss Sheer Frost which promises three benefits in one. Firs, its high moisturization hydrates your lips. Secondly, the balm properties protect your lips and lastly the high sheen adds a touch of color and glamour that will leave lips feeling kissably gorgeous. Plus you have three Christmassy colours to choose from.

These simple winter makeup essentials won’t take up much room in your bag but will prove to be very handy the next time you find yourself facing the man of your dreams whilst you look more like a character from Dawn of the Dead. Oh, and don’t forget your mirror, these makeup items might not require you to concentrate too much, but we wouldn’t recommend you try applying any makeup with just the help of a reflective surface.

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