Extreme Couponing 101 – 10 Coupon Myths Debunked


10 Coupon Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Coupons are only for junk food.
While there are a lot of coupons for processed and junk foods, now a days there are just as many coupons for healthy and organic foods too.  I have seen coupons for fruit, eggs, milk, yogurt, bagged salads, frozen veggies, etc.

Myth #2: You can’t save money if a store doesn’t double/triple coupons.
Drug stores such as CVS, Rite Aid & Walgreen’s are great places to save money even though they don’t double or triple coupons.  Most drug stores have excellent store deals, sales, and rebate programs that most grocery stores don’t have. Don’t skip over a store  just because they don’t double coupons. There are many higher dollar coupons which you can combine with a sale for deep discounts and possibly free items.

Myth #3: Shopping at discount stores and dollar stores will save you more money than using coupons.
Dollar Stores are often as expensive as other stores and have many extra disadvantages.  They don’t have the store deals and rebates like other stores do.  Also the food they have was likely to have been sitting on the shelf for a lot longer than at a grocery store.

Myth #4: Only poor people use coupons.
Maybe it’s just me but I am never ashamed to use coupons.  Saving money is more important to me than giving the appearance of wealth.  According to statistics, people with lower income (under $25,000 a year) are less likely to use coupons.  Those in the middle class with a college background are the most likely to use coupons.  Interesting.

Myth #5: You should only use coupons for products you normally buy.
By using coupons, I’ve gotten things for free or incredibly cheap that I would never have bought otherwise.  Our family has new grocery favorites because of high value coupons. I’ve also learned to be more creative in meal planning to incorporate what’s on sale that week.

Myth #6: Store brand products are always cheaper than name brand products.
Yes, it’s true that store brands are typically a little cheaper than name brands.  However, generic is rarely cheaper than name brand when you combine a coupon with a sale.

Myth #7: People who use coupons spend more than people who don’t use coupons.
If you are going to the store and buying everything you have a coupon for especially if the item is not on sale, you will spend more.  However, if you use coupons the right way by combining coupons and store sales you will get rock bottom deals and will undoubtedly cut your grocery bill.

Myth #8: It’s not worth it to shop at multiple stores.
The 3 main stores I shop at are right near each other and 5 minutes from my house, so it really doesn’t take me much time to go from store to store. Even if your stores are not as close as mine, it can be worth it to shop at multiple stores. For instance, if you are able to get $100 worth of product you need for $15 and you only spent $4 extra in gas and an additional 20 minutes, then I would say that would certainly be worth it!  You have to do what is right for you and your family but I wouldn’t rule out going to multiple stores right away without giving it a try.

Myth #9: You shouldn’t clip coupons for products you won’t use.
I clip coupons for every item I might buy.  Some coupons I throw away after they expire because I never found an item on sale.  Don’t dismiss a deal just because you haven’t used a product in the past–keep the coupon and look for a sale. I also recommend swapping unused coupons with a family member or friend. If you don’t have any use for baby coupons save them and give them to a new mom. I also keep coupons for items I know I won’t use and if a sale comes up and I can get the item for super cheap or free I will do so and later donate the item to a local woman’s shelter.

Myth #10: You will save more money by shopping at big box stores.
Big box stores such as Costco or Sams will save you money because you buy items in bulk but you can have much bigger savings if you buy a smaller quantity and use coupons.

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