Dads and Daughters

Daddy and Daughter


This photo kills me.  What i mean by killing me is that it makes my heart melt into a dripping puddle of love.


I don’t believe that there is much else in the world so sweet as seeing your tough, strong husband hold his tiny newborn daughter in his arms, and look into her eyes with all the adoration in the world.


I can’t help but wonder how my husband’s relationship with our daughter will change as the years go on.  Will she be Daddy’s little girl? Will they have conflict during the teenage years?


I know that the future holds all sorts of surprises for us, and it’s impossible to predict how things change, but I can only hope that my husband will always adore our little girl as much as he does in this moment, because it is truly one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen.


If you have a baby girl, do you completely melt when you see your husband’s interactions with her?