Chicken Soup for the Soul – Married Life! Review

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Married Life!
Chicken Soup for the Soul – Married Life!


I’ve been a big fan of Chicken Soup for the Soul books ever since they came out.  I haven’t read them all but I’ve read dozens.  I just like the warm, feel-good stories.  They are often an encouragement to me that reminds me to slow down and enjoy the beauty in life. Isn’t that a reminder that all of us could use from time to time?  I know I sure need it.  I love the books so much that now I’m a Chicken Soup for the Soul ambassador.  They send me books every month for an honest review of them.  How great is that?  I haven’t found any books that I don’t like yet but I promise I’ll be honest if and when that time comes.  Now, moving on to the latest book I received…


Chicken Soup for the Soul – Married Life is fabulous!  It’s a fun book full of anecdotes about married life.  This is a great book for any newly wed, great-grandparent or anyone in between.  It will inspire you and remind you that even though you are married to a flawed person and there will be ups and downs, marriage can be bliss.


I especially loved the stories from couples who have been married 50+ years.  Those people have wisdom and I would love to glean all I can from them.  This is a lighthearted book that will warm your heart and keep you laughing.  This would make a great gift for yourself, your parents, or just about any married couple.  I think this would be an enjoyable and different kind of Christmas gift!


Disclosure: I received this book to review but my opinions are completely my own.  This link does contain affiliate links, for more information visit my disclosure policy.