Awkward Moments

I read a post over a year ago that listed awkward and awesome things together.  This idea has stuck in my head for a while and I’m finally writing my version of the post…well, two posts actually.  I’m breaking mine up into two posts so check back tomorrow for the “Awesome” segment.  By the way, I can’t seem to locate the origin of the post so if you know please let me know and I’ll add the link here.

Now, on to the awkwardness…

Awkward Moments:

When I’m out with my husband and I run into someone I know but for the life of me can’t remember their name.  It’s awkward to try and introduce them because the harder I try to think of their name the more my brain turns to mush.  When possible I’ll try to walk up, hug them, and say, “Hi!  How in the world have you been?”  Then standing with them I’ll turn and say, “Have you met my husband?”  That’s my husband’s cue to introduce himself  and then my unnamed friend will reciprocate and save me from unwanted embarrassment.

Getting caught taking a drink from my toddler’s cup in public.  Sometimes a girl’s thirsty and there’s nothing else around!

Leaving an answering machine message {are they still called that?} … and then giving out the wrong cell number. Well, at least half of it. “uhhh. No, I mean…here’s my other…”  I’m a real professional.

Not realizing that I have walked out of the house and into the grocery store with my slippers on.  Thankfully they weren’t the big fluffy bunny ones but were just the cute flip-flop ones instead!

Walking over to tell someone something important, waiting patiently for them to finish their current conversation, then when it’s my turn to speak, my mind goes blank.  “Your hair looks lovely today.  Yep, I just walked over here to tell you that.”

My husband pointing out an embarrassing typo in a blog post hoooouuurs after it was published.

Realizing in the evening that I went the entire day with a huge chunk of hair that didn’t make it into my pony tail. {#SportingaRatTail}

Walking into a spider web that no one else sees.

I’ll end with this awkward photo I took while trying to see what my hair looks like from behind.  Why can’t I just invest in a $1 mirror like a normal person?  I get embarrassed at myself every time I do this.

Back of Hair

{Know that the posting this photo is a demonstration of the love I have for you, my dear readers.}

What awkward moments are you brave enough to share?