The Five-Minute Face

If we’re honest, every woman wants to look her best every day, but for those of us non-celebrities who don’t have the luxury of a professional makeup team on speed dial, we have to find tips and techniques that will get us out of the house looking great and in a timely fashion.

I’d love to share some of my best essentials for a five-minute face.


Organization Counts

An organized make-up area with products and applicators within reach is key to putting on a five-minute face with relative ease. I keep my everyday makeup products in one make-up bag that is easily tucked away under the bathroom counter when not in use.


It only takes seconds to apply concealer to under eye darkness or other facial blemishes. Use a very small amount of concealer and using your ring finger pat the concealer into those areas. Pick a shade that is about one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. You can also add a bit of your moisturizer to the concealer for a smooth application.


Regardless if you use a powder, mineral or liquid foundation, applying your foundation with the right tools is essential. Choose a makeup sponge or foundation brush for liquid foundations and a foundation brush for powder or mineral foundations to make it appear flawless.

Eyeliner or shadow

Pick one — you don’t need both.

If you want a simple, natural look, just sweep eye shadow in a neutral tone all over your eyelid.

My favorite is to apply eyeliner to the upper lid at the lash line alone; it helps your eyes stand out.

Curl your eyelashes and apply just one coat of mascara.

Doing your eyes in this manner should only take two minutes at the most.


Sweep your blush on the apple of your cheeks. Be light handed – just a bit of color will brighten your face.


Put the finishing touch on your face by applying a long-wearing lipstick. You can choose from a myriad of brands. It takes just a few seconds to apply, and the long-wearing benefits are wonderful. You can apply lip-gloss on top of the long-wearing lipstick throughout the day for that freshly applied look.

I hope these tips and techniques will help you in looking your best when you only have five minutes.

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About Zoe Elmore

Zoe is a Greek girlie girl with more than 15 years experience as a national speaker. She is a contributing author to Proverbs 31 Ministries Encouragement for Today: Devotions for Everyday Living and the Zondervan NIV Women’s Devotional Bible. She practices her passion for hospitality, volunteering, and gift giving in her hometown of Matthews, NC. She has been married to her husband for more than 35 years and has two amazing sons, a remarkable daughter-in-law, and the world’s cutest grandson. Zoe has an active blog.


  1. This is great ! I need to print it and post it on my bathroom mirror, I’m not the best at putting on face. Thanks for the fab tips !

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I actually don’t wear makeup, but it’s awesome to know that it doesn’t have to take a really long time to get the desired look 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! I hate putting on makeup, so if I can do it quickly and easily, I’m all about it.

  4. I am not a make-up person most because I think that it takes too long to do, but 5 minutes!! I can do 5 minutes!

  5. I use the Younique lipstick which is a long wearing lipstick. The red is my favorite color.

  6. There are so many days that I don’t have time for makeup. Love the idea of a 5 minute face. I feel like if I at least remember to put on lipstick, I always feel better about myself.

  7. I remember how long it used to take when I was younger to apply makeup. It’s amazing how much quicker it is now that I’m older. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  8. Being organized really helps when you are trying to get ready in the morning. My makeup is always a mess. I will have to get rid of all the products i do not use any more.

  9. These are great tips. I will have to try them tomorrow morning. I would love to save time in the morning.

  10. I like to use my eye shadow as eyeliner. It gives me a softer look and it saves time in the morning. Thanks for the great tips.

  11. I may not do a full makeup everyday, but I do use mascara everyday. It is like my one staple. I have always wanted to be one to always have lipstick, but I have never found one I really love. HA

  12. I need to do this more. 5 mins spent on my face sounds great, I never ever do anything to my face and I bet I’d feel better if I did.

  13. This is a really helpful guide. It would be nice to speed up my morning routine so I could get more done!

  14. These are just great tips. I never knew you should do shadow or liner, but not both.

  15. These are great tips for quick makeup! It’s so important to keep things organized and easily accessible to make it faster.

  16. These are great step by step, but in my opinion I think it would be perfect if you had an photos to show that you’re doing these, but I love how you teach us to d it in 5 minutes.

  17. Wow. This is great. I’m going to tell this to my sister and niece, Because every time that they put make-up they consume about an hour. Thanks for sharing.

  18. organization is definitely key. I have a lot of makeup but I keep a separate makeup bag that has the essentials in it for a quick makeup job. If I had everything together it would take forever to track exactly what I needed.

  19. Love this idea for makeup. I don’t have a lot of time and am not very good at it so the easier and quicker the better lol!

  20. I enjoy make up on occasions these are some good tips. Thank you for sharing.

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