Healthy Habits Booklets from Girl Scouts and Together Counts

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Healthy Habits

When I was in high school my best friend convinced me into volunteering for the Girl Scouts with her.  I had no idea what a troop was or  what to do with it. Ha!  We had a lot of fun together teaching the girls, encouraging them, and being active with them.  When I look back on my time with those girls my heart smiles.  There’s nothing like pouring your life into kids…giving them self confidence, being real with them, and teaching them how to be responsible.  It’s the best!

Have you heard that Together Counts and Girl Scouts are partnering together?  Yep, they are!  This Together Counts Program is active nationwide and provided by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation to inspire active and healthy living via physical activity and nutrition, a fundamental underpinning of efforts to reduce obesity. The principle behind the program is called Energy Balance, which just means balancing the calories we consume with the calories we expend.  That makes sense, doesn’t it?

  • Energy In: the calories you get from eating and drinking.
  • Energy Out: the calories you burn from physical activities

Girl Scouts with Healthy Habit

Free Healthy Habits Journey Booklets

There are now three Healthy Habits Journey booklets available for download here which include the following titles:

  • – Between Earth and Sky with Healthy Habits
  • – WOW! Wonders of Water with Healthy Habits
  • – Get Moving! with Healthy Habits

My daughter is too young for the Girl Scouts now but it’s never too early to begin teaching her healthy habits. By the way, the picture at the top of the page is my daughter (in green) and her friends.  Boys are not part of Girl Scouts and I didn’t want there to be any confusion. : )

Be sure you join in on the #gno (girl’s night out) Twitter Party with Mom It Forward happening September 9.  If you’ve never been party of a #gno Twitter party then you’re missing out.  They’re so much fun!  Follow the hashtags #HealthyHabits and #gno. I hope to see you there!

Would you like more information on these great programs?  Here is a handful of useful resources.

  • – Healthy Habits Journey booklets download: Here you’ll be able to download three free booklets for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors, Girl Scout volunteers and families can guide girls in fun, easy ways to achieve “energy balance.”
  • – Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capital Twitter: On Twitter, GSNC shares council information including awards, resources, highlights from council events and volunteering opportunities.
  • – Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capital Facebook: Similar to Twitter, the GSNC Facebook page shares photo albums of troop activities, news from around the region, and partner content from Together Counts.
  • – Together Counts Website –The website is consumer friendly—aimed at parents and educators and provides resources, tips, recipes and more.
  • – Together Counts Blog – The Together Counts blog is the main source of all consumer-friendly news including HWCF campaigns, announcements and content from HWCF partners around the topic of healthy eating habits and incorporating more physical activity.
  • – Together Counts Twitter – On Twitter, Together Counts shares everything from digital assets (video, infographics) to industry or conference news related to food in addition to campaign and partner news.
  • – Together Counts Pinterest – Together Counts’ resource for sharing recipe inspiration from across the network, family activity ideas and pins from partners that relate to family eating and activity including Girl Scouts, Healthy Dining Finders, etc.

I’ll see you at the party on the 9th, right?

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  1. We are going to do the Moving journey with my junior troop this year. For my new little daisies- we will likely focus on petals although we will include healthy living components

  2. I remember being i the girl scouts when I was in elementary school. What a great program.

  3. What a great party! I was a brownie, daisy and girl scout and loved it all! I hope to bring my daughters into the same love and appreciation for nature, themselves and their community through the scouts, as well… but it’s never too early to start them on the path to a healthy life before that!

  4. I’m so glad they they are teaching kids healthy habits. That’s important to learn early.

  5. I love Girl Scouts. They’ve always promoted self-esteem and self-worth in little girls, so I’m really excited to see them promoting positive action in other aspects of girls’ lives. It’s so important in these crazy, twerky times.

  6. I love this initiative the Girl Scouts are involved in. Girls need all the positive influences that they can get. In a world of twerking, thongs, and tweenage sexting, we need this more than ever.

  7. I was a Girl Scout leader for a few years, and it was rewarding and fun!

  8. I am a Girl Guide Leader (in Canada) and I love it, I’ve been doing it for years and years. I love the message we teach the girls. Thanks for the link to the booklets, I will check them out and see if I can use them in my program. I like the Energy Balance explanation.

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