Regency Beauty Institute Contest #ShareBeautyContest

I’m pushing thirty {which seems unreal!!} but I can still remember in Elementary school watching daytime TV talk show makeovers with my grandmother.  Oprah and Sally Jessy Raphael in the afternoons, and Regis and Kathie Lee in the mornings {during the summer of course}.

Believe it or not I can still remember some of the timeless advice they gave.  Some included:

  • – Apply lotion on your feet, hands, knees, and elbows every night because those are the driest parts of your body.
  • – To keep your manicure going strong and staying shiny add a thin layer of topcoat every day.
  • – To fight puffiness and dark circles apply cut potato slices to your eyes while you lay down and rest for ten minutes.
  • – Use proper posture to appear confident and always cross your legs in the direction of the person you’re speaking with to show you’re interested.

I’ve always been interested in beauty.  Outward beauty and inward beauty.  Beauty in nature and beauty in friendship. In case you haven’t noticed, this entire blog is all about beauty and embracing it.  You can check out my about page to read more about my love of beauty.  Sufficient to say, I think it’s a marvelous thing.

Regency Beauty Institute and Refinery29 have teamed up for the #ShareBeautyContest which runs through Aug. 13th. By trying a trend revealed by Regency and Refinery29 and snapping a photo for Instagram with the hashtag #ShareBeautyContest you will be entered to win. When the contest closes August 13th, one lucky participant will be chosen to win a customized VIP beauty treatment worth $2,000. How fun would that be!?  I’d love to know if an Embracing Beauty reader wins so please come back and tell me if you do!  Feel free to check out the contest’s landing page for more information.  Good luck!!

This contest and post is brought to you by Regency Beauty Institute

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About Ashley

Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. Lynda Self says

    $2,000 worth of beauty treatments?! I could use that.

  2. Sounds like a great contest!

  3. busymomblog says

    Thanks for sharing. I’m going to enter!

  4. What a fun prize!

  5. I really need to remember the lotion thing. I am so bad at putting it on!

  6. This is a great giveaway! $2000.00 in beauty treatment awesomeness? Winner, winner.

  7. I could totally use this prize! I’ve never heard of using potato slices- only cucumber.

  8. Wow. I can only imagine the damage that could be done with $2000 worth of beauty treatments!

  9. What a great contest and a fabulous prize! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  10. This is my kind of prize! I bet the lucky winner will surely enjoy it all.

  11. I like that you encompassed beauty as a whole, and not just skin deep alone. That being said, a customized beauty treatment does sound really nice. 🙂

  12. I remember all of those daytime shows. I loved seeing the makeovers!

  13. Now that’s one prize I would love to win. Sweet!

  14. What a great contest! Sounds like someone will be having a great day of beauty!

  15. What a great contest. I have a few friends that would love to win.

  16. Amanda Love says

    I would so love to win this. What a great prize and I definitely need a makeover.

  17. I am terrible about putting lotion and and my heels show it! Thanks for the tip on potatoes – I always have those around too.

  18. This is an awesome prize. You will make someone very happy. It is nice to be able to take the time and money to give yourself wonderful beauty treatments.

  19. Wow, $2,000 is quite a bit. That is a wonderful prize and this seems like a fun contest.

  20. I have heard some of that before, but not potato slices. I am a beauty fan too so I will need to enter this contest.

  21. I have never seen an episode of Oprah but I have seen Sally Jessy Raphael! LOL This sounds like such an awesome contest – who couldn’t use a $2000 makeover?!

  22. Thanks for letting us know about the giveaway! $2,000 in beauty products sounds amazing

  23. Oh my goodness. I need a break and $2000 in beauty treatments would work like a charm.

  24. such a simple way to enter. I love instagram anyway so I’m gonna enter

  25. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have never heard of putting pototo slices on your eyes. Guess what I am going to try later today!

  26. I just turned 29 this year and I love it! 30 is going to be a great year! I love the video!

  27. I learned so many beauty tips from my mothers and grandmothers . I would love to win a beauty treatment!

  28. Great prize! Thanks for sharing.

  29. Im literally getting back to you on the contest end date (sorry) but I may can still sneak a hashtag in! Cross fingers – I am a beauty blogger and I love inward and outward beauty too!

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