My Daughter Met a Princess #PromPrincess


Every little girl dreams of being a princess and twirling around in a beautiful glistening gown without a care in the world.  Today, while having dinner at Qdoba {kids eat free Saturdays – yea!} my daughter about leaped out of her booster seat to point out a “princess” to me.  My heart melted into a gooey puddle.  It melted watching her face light up at the sight of, what in here eyes was, a real princess.  A princess that she had only dreamed about.  A princess that she has read about and pretends to be while dancing in the living room in her pjs.

Dancing in PJs

She doesn’t have a prince charming of her own to dance with and when mine is busy she’ll dance with her wooden duck.  {Technically, it’s my wooden duck decor but as much as she dances, pets, and feeds it it might as well be hers!}

Prince Charming in a Parking Lot #PromPrincess

She not only met a beautiful princess tonight but she also met “Prince Charming.”  This sweet couple was more than willing to take a picture with my little princess and it meant the world to her.  I know she won’t soon forget it!

{By the way, did you notice how clear the prom pictures were compared to the one in my living room.  That’s the difference a phone with 20 megapixels will make.  I love my Nokia Lumia Icon that Verizon fave me! #VZWLife}

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Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. Homemaker Mom says

    O my gosh that is awesome 🙂 How cute!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nightowlmama says

    sucha beautiful post and I just loved her dress. certainly a princess and a prince.

  3. that’s so cute. my niece was in a play a few weeks back, when she came out to see us all the really little girls were in awe saying “She’s a princess”. My niece stopped to take pictures with them. I swear she’s headed to disney one day

  4. How very sweet. What a great couple to stop and take pictures with her.

  5. Aimee Fauci says

    ha ha .. that is super cute and super awesome of the prince and princesses to play along

  6. redheadbabymama says

    I was stopped in an Italian restaurant by a 6 year old that thought I was Cinderella (to her defense, I was wearing a HUGE blue gown, white gloves, a black necklace and a tiara). What can I say, I’m a costume designer!

  7. Sara P. says

    LOVE IT! I cam imagine most princess-obsessed kiddos would LOVE seeing ladies & gentlemen in their prom gear!

  8. Rachael Ebner says

    Awww, those are cute pics! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I don’t know why I love this post more…so cute

  10. This is such a sweet idea! A little girl recently said to her mom, “I want to look like her when I grow up.” It was so touching. I bet that those dressed up for prom feel happy when they are called princesses and princes too.

    • Keikilani Jackson says

      The couple did look pretty happy to me too to be called a prince and princess! How sweet.

  11. We accidentally went to a restaurant during prom night a few years ago. My daughters went CRAZY with all the girls dressed up!

  12. Ha, how awesome is that! She does look like a princess.

  13. Laura O in AK says

    What a fun way to meet a princess and her Prince Charming.

  14. Angela S says

    This is so sweet, and how nice that these young people took the time for your daughter.

  15. Jenni E. says

    Aww, that is SOOOOO sweet!!! That’s such a cool way to meet her “Price Charming”.

  16. These pics are so sweet! Such a fun idea to use prom as prince/princess season!

  17. Dee@Cocktails with Mom says

    Awww…that is so adorable. I can’t stop smiling.

  18. That is the cutest thing ever! And way cheaper than going to Disney 😉

  19. This is so sweet! I bet the prom couple was flattered!

  20. Melanie Roberts says

    Awww I love this.. what a sweet idea… and both your Princess and prince charming looked amazing …. thanks for sharing this

  21. Debbie Denny says

    That is so sweet. Great pictures.

  22. How cute is that!! What a great looking couple and so sweet!!

  23. Robin Gagnon says

    That is such a cute idea & you know it makes the teens feel extra cool.

  24. Ah, that’s cute! Prom season is so fun!

  25. scentednights2002 says

    How lucky! That is just so cute!

  26. Keikilani Jackson says

    What a sweet story. I love that they were so sweet to talk to her and take pictures with her.

  27. Robin Rue says

    That is the sweetest thing!!! What a great couple of kids to play the part, too!

  28. Mama to 5 Blessings says

    LOL! Do you think she realized they were not Disney characters? Her face says who are these people! That was sweet of them to pose with your daughter – very cute!

  29. Amy Desrosiers says

    Super cute! She looks like she is in shock!! This couple is very cute though!

  30. that’s adorable!! i love love love that they took photos with her. what a memory for you guys!

  31. Oh my word how precious! This is definitely a genius way to introduce your daughter to the royal family!

  32. Shauna Torres says

    I love this… ha. I remember seeing my brother take his girlfriend to the prom when I was a wee one and I thought she looked like a princess

  33. I am cracking up over here! Girls going off to prom really do look like princesses!

  34. Aw, that is the sweetest thing! And they stopped to take photos with her; what a sweet memory!

  35. How sweet, I love that they were willing to take a picture with her!

  36. Jennifer Soltys says

    Oh my gosh!! LOL That’s the best idea!! How adorable and the couple looks equally excited! 🙂

  37. JadeLouise Designs says

    What a sweet couple! So awesome that they were willing to do that for your daughter! And what a great idea! I’m going to be on the look out come next prom for my daughter to meet a princess and Prince charming!

  38. Trish Bittman says

    That is just the sweetest thing! I’m sure the prom kids were equally delighted to be mistaken for royalty.

  39. ♡ Toodies Momma ♡ says

    This is SUCH a good idea! No clue why I never thought of something like this. Prom season gets crazy around here. You can’t go into a restaurant without seeing a huge prom crowd there.

  40. Kimberly Grabinski says

    Awww that is so cute!

  41. My neighbor posted similar pictures on FB this weekend. Her daughter was naming the princesses even because their dresses were princess colors!

  42. This is too cute. How sweet of them to take pictures with her!

  43. SippyCupMom says

    Oh my gosh, I love this! I bet you made those teens night too!

  44. Amanda Her says

    I love how they were such good sports about it. It was very sweet for them to stop for some photos.

  45. Tiffany Snedaker says

    That is such a good idea. She looks like she’s not quite sure about prince charming. 🙂

  46. AImee Smith says

    This is so cute! I bet it made those teens day as well, how fun!

  47. My daughter thinks anyone who has ever worn a wedding dress is a princess for life! Such a cute experience!

  48. What a brilliant idea!

  49. Mommy2jam says

    Now that is awesome! I wish i thought of that

  50. Dawn @ pin-n-tell says

    This is adorable! Terrific idea, and so sweet of that young couple!!

  51. mommamellon says

    aww is sweet and cute! 🙂 My kids are always ready to point out limos and girls in dresses too.

  52. I love that they were so willing to take a picture with your Princess!

  53. I want the new Nokia just to have as an extra camera! I don’t need it to make calls, but I’d love to have one!! Haha

  54. I’ve been hearing a lot about the new Nokia. It sounds awesome!

  55. Jenn @ The Rebel Chick says

    I love my new Nokia! It is totally fantastic!

  56. this is so cute. My neice was stopped by little girls when she was dressed as a fairy for a play

  57. Dina Demarest says

    how sweet is that. I love that she thought she met the princess and her prince.

  58. Christie says

    How adorable! That’s a great idea for princess fans for sure! I’ll need to remember

  59. Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack says

    So sweet. ANd that is a great idea. I could see my daughter going nuts with a princess.

  60. Michelle says

    Oh that is so precious, and a great idea too!

  61. Adorable! I love that those teens were willing to pose for a picture and encourage your little one to keep dreaming big 🙂

  62. Faithful_Mommie says

    How adorable! I LOVE her face with the “prince” LOL!

  63. Francine Morrell says

    This is such a sweet story!

  64. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    Ok seriously, this is the best idea! And I know the HS prom-goers would be totally gracious about it. Love it!

  65. WhispersInspire says

    What a cutie! And that couple is really good-looking. 🙂 That’s such a nice thing for them to do, your little Princess must have loved it.

  66. Susanna Barbee says

    So funny! And true. I am telling every mom I know about this. I think even my boys would think it cool to see the teenagers dressed like princes and princesses.

  67. Theresa says

    That is so adorable! How sweet of the couple to stop and pose for photos too. I bet it made their night just as much as it made your daughter’s too 🙂

  68. Adorable. I am so happy that the couple was so wonderful about it. What a great idea!

  69. MeliLovesCards says

    How sweet…a cherished memory for all three!!

  70. That is such a great idea! I love this!

  71. Joanna Sormunen says

    I remember how fascinated my little niece was with my cousins marriage. She was their flower girl and she just couldn’t keep her eyes away from his bride. It was so cute, she called her real princess for years after wards. Another great place to meet real princesses and princes, the weddings 🙂

  72. Haha! What a great idea!

  73. Camesha says

    That is awesome and smart! It’s great to make a princess into an everyday person. They don’t just live in fairy tales. 🙂

  74. candyserendipitymom says

    That is the SWEETEST story ever! I bet the prom couple will be talking about this for years too 🙂

  75. carmenscouponblog says

    I love this.. the princess and prince stopping to take pics with a little girl… showed they care more about others instead of just themselves.. amazing and insipiring

  76. Awwww! How sweet of them to take photos with her and they were looking good. Thanks for seeing the beauty in those who may not look like you. 🙂

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