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I don’t think I ever gave vacuum cleaners a second thought before I was a married – and the owner of a shedding dog.  As long as it did the basics, you know pick up dirt, I was happy. Then I gained a beautiful shedding friend and choosing a new vacuum required extensive research.  Four years ago {Time flies, doesn’t it?} I reviewed a Dyson, a Dyson-DC25 Animal to be exact, and I fell in love!  It had a convenient, out of the way hose, attachments that stored on the vacuum, and enough suction power to suck up the dirt beneath my rug.  Yea, it was awesome!  It had a few cons but overall I don’t think I’ll ever own a different brand of vacuum.  I am loyal to Dyson.


When my brand new shiny Dyson DC-65 Animal arrived my husband and I were very excited to get it set up and give it a test drive.  We were curious if the cons we had with the old vacuum were improved with this newer model.  Was Dyson really listening to our review?

Assembling the Dyson

My husband and daughter began assembling our Dyson last Saturday morning after breakfast.

Dyson Assembly

It’s so easy to assemble even a kid could do it!  Okay, not my two year old but probably an eight year old.  Everything simply snaps into place.  Honestly, it’s that easy!  You see that card my husband was holding?  Those are the picture instructions.

Dyson Quick Start Guide

Here it is.  I just had to show you how unbelievably simple it was to put together.

Dyson 65 Animal Review

Many competitors claim superior performance on carpet {which I don’t believe}, but 75% of US homes have a combination of carpets and hard floors.  The Dyson-DC65 glides effortlessly on carpet and hardwood.  One button makes the simple transition.  It cleans thoroughly on hard floors without scratching them.

Things I love about my Dyson:

– It doesn’t clog. Ever.

– The ball helps it move with ease, especially around corners.  You have to try it to believe it!

– It’s purple!! I just had to throw that in because in my book aesthetics count too. {It also comes in Platinum and Fuchsia}

– Telescoping wand reaches everywhere. I love it for our steps and those pesky corner cobwebs.

– It has an easy to clean washable lifetime HEPA filter that traps microscopic allergens like pollen and bacteria.  Yuck!

– Bagless and it has a clear bin so you can know when it’s time to empty it.

– The bin empties effortlessly with just the push of a button.

Tangle Free Dyson

One thing I didn’t enjoy about my older Dyson was that it accumulated hair around the beater bar.  It did this A LOT less often than my other model vacuum that I used to own but it still required me to break out the thread ripper and get messy every so often.  The new Dyson has a new and improved beater bar and as you can see pictured above there is very little hair there.  For those who are wondering, this picture was taken after we vacuumed our entire house and trust me, it was dirty!

This new bristle configuration will also help dig deeper into carpets to remove more dirt.  You’ve got to love that!

Dyson Canister of Dirt

See, just look at all that dirt and hair!  I’m sad to admit that this was after we emptied the bin a time or two.  I don’t know about you but I just hate the thought of all that dirt in my home!

Dyson Cleaning Path

The new Dyson-DC65 Animal has a wider cleaning path than my old Dyson did.  It covers more ground in less time.  What’s not to like?  Plus, I read the new beater bar has 25% increased power for superior cleaning.  Nice!

New Dyson has a long cord

Here is my lovely model pointing out that this new model has a 10 foot longer cord than my previous model.  Dyson was listening!!!  {Thank you, Dyson!}

Dyson Animal Review

In review, the Dyson-DC65 Animal has a longer cord, wider cleaning path, and it holds more than the Dyson-DC25 Animal that I loved dearly.  Trust me, no matter which Dyson you buy you can’t go wrong!

Daddy and daughter nap

Here’s my sweet daughter resting with her daddy after a tiring morning cleaning.

Dyson DC65

Let me just stop for a minute and brag about Dyson.  We had an in home demonstration for a well-known vacuum brand to help a friend out, you know how that goes.  Well, my friend did her spiel about her vacuum and how disgusting the dirt and bacteria are that are lurking on our floors and furniture.  She about had me sold because I have allergies, I hate dirt, and her vacuum sounded superior to all others.  I was almost sold, that is, until she did her demonstration and wanted to compare it to mine {the older Dyson}.  I think the results shocked her.  Her vacuum didn’t pick up aaaaanything after we ran ours.  Nothing.  That was the day that I became completely loyal to Dyson!  It was just as good {if not better!} than a $1,000+ vacuum that was hard to maneuver, difficult to clean, and did I mention it was over a grand!?

If you want a vacuum you can brag about and depend on, look to Dyson.  It has a five year warranty and is built to last 10+ years.  It’s not cheap but in my opinion it’s worth the cost.

Visit Best Buy online to read more or in store to give them a test run!

-$499 (for Multi-Floor)

-$599 (for Animal): comes w/ TFT and dusting brush {What I received}

-$649 (for Animal Complete): comes with extra tools and Zorb, TFT, and dusting brush

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Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. Laura Hinckley says

    I love Dyson! Was so thrilled to get their cordless model. I can’t live without it 🙂 Now I want the Animal haha

    • AshleyWalkup says

      Oh, I’m glad to hear you liked it! I always wondered how the cordless model compared. 🙂

      • Laura Hinckley says

        Not sure it does. I can climb on the counter and do the top of the fridge cord free 🙂 I can take it outside and do the car super easy and no cord getting dirty in the mud. I just think we are blessed to have #DysonLove 🙂

  2. Julie Wood says

    This is truly an amazing vacuum cleaner that really picks up the big messes! I like Dyson, and some day I want to own one. I will have to save up for one, but they are so good that they last for years!!

    • The Rebel Chick Jenn says

      I have always wanted a Dyson too, everyone seems to love theirs! I need to start saving up for one!

  3. Robin Rue says

    I have been wanting a Dyson for as long as I can remember. This makes me want to run out and get one today!!

  4. I would LOVE to get a Dyson! That looks like an amazing vacuum cleaner. I especially love that it doesn’t tangle underneath. It seems like we are always having to stop and clean out our current vaccuum.

  5. I’ve heard so many good things about Dyson! I want one so bad!

  6. Tammi Roy says

    Dyson is truly awesome! I’m looking for a new one to replace my very old animal from many years ago, I need to look into this one for sure!

  7. Virginia @thatbaldchick says

    What a great vacuum. We need one for our hardwood floors.

  8. redheadbabymama says

    You’re making my DYSON feel OLD. She’s from 2008, and original, non ball Yellow girl. And I’m thinking she needs to be replaced with THIS!

  9. The Rebel Chick Jenn says

    Wow, that is one amazing vacuum! It’s funny that it looks the same but the technology has improved!

  10. Beth@FrugalFroggie says

    Thank you for the review of the Dyson. We may have to replace out vacuum soon and that review helped me. Thanks!!

  11. Kelsey Apley says

    Oh I how I yearn for a Dyson!! One day maybe I will have saved up and get myself one, they just sound amazing!!

  12. Jennifer Soltys says

    I need this STAT. We just had to toss our old Dyson due to the crazy dog fur clogging. :/ This one looks great!!

  13. JadeLouise Designs says

    UBER Jealous! I have always wanted a Dyson! A Dyson-DC25 Animal to be exact. I really want the new animal model because we have a cat and dog that both shed a lot.

  14. Karen Koblan says

    So nice! A Dyson has been on my wishlist for a very long time. Instead I’ve bought some less expensive vacuums that seem to break a lot!

  15. suelee1998 says

    We have that exact vacuum! It is amazing, picks up all of the dust and dirt, I just love it.

  16. Debra Rutt says

    Ugh, I could have totally used one of these this past weekend when my daughter decided to give herself a haircut. Strands of hair all over the carpet are a pain to pick up!

  17. I dream of owning a Dyson animal. a dog and 2 kittens plus 3 kids? my house is always a mess!

  18. ♡ Toodies Momma ♡ says

    Daddy’s little helped looks POOPED! I love Dyson vacuums. I have a messy toddler and two dogs that are constantly shedding. I need to upgrade so I can get my house in tip top shape!

  19. traceynicole says

    I need a new vacuum and this looks like a great one!

  20. I just moved and am in need of a new vacuum. This looks amazing!!! Time to keep an eye out for deals on this vacuum! Looks wonderful!

  21. shopwithmemamakim says

    Oh how I love my Dyson!! Looks like they did a lot of wonderful upgrades to an already great vacuum!

  22. OurOrdinaryLife® says

    We love our Dyson products by far the most well made and best tools in my house! Great post!

  23. shellthings says

    I love that there’s so much less hair! I have a dyson, one we bought about 3 years ago and while it still works well, there is a crazy amount of hair that gets wrapped around all the time.

  24. Debbie Lamb says

    Dyson is the only vac I will ever get! I bought my 1st Dyson when they 1st came out! I LOVE IT! I have my eye on the portable! Perfect for quick jobs

  25. Isabella Grey says

    I’ve seen quite a few people saying how great this vacuum is. We just don’t have the space for one in our house!

  26. It is just amazing to see how much the Dyson Animal can get up off the floors – even when you think they are clean! I love our Dyson and recommend them to everyone.

  27. I also didn’t care about what my vacuum could do — until I had my own home and kids in it! I love that the cord on the Dyson DC65 is soooo long! It would cut time off my vacuuming to have a cord that long.

  28. Mama to 5 Blesisngs says

    I have heard wonderful things about this brand, I so want one but it’s not in our budget.

  29. Jen At Dapperhouse says

    How exciting! I love the features – especially the hepa filter. I need a vacuum SO BAD so I will save to get this one – in platinum – although your purple is really cool too 🙂

  30. Mandy Young Carter says

    I want a Dyson SO bad! Such a cute photo of them after a exhausting morning cleaning!

  31. SippyCupMom says

    This looks amazing – there are so many great features. We need this, we have dog hair everywhere!

  32. Terin Aleah Garrett says

    Our vacuum just broke so we are looking for a new one! I’ll show the hubby this! 🙂

  33. I dont just want a Dyson… I NEED A DYSON! We have two furry dogs… it’s a must!

  34. Melissa Au says

    We have this vacuum. Its amazing vacuum!

  35. Chrysa Duran says

    This looks like a great vacuum. My Dyson has seen better days and I think it’s about time to replace it.

  36. Autumn Rose Reo says

    I love my Dyson, but I’ve given it a beating. Looks like you’ve done the research and I’m sticking to the Dyson!

  37. Pauline Cab says

    This review is
    awesome and I believe you are being honest with it. I might consider Dyson when
    I have the chance to buy a new vacuum cleaner. 🙂

  38. Cassie Tucker says

    I’ve heard nothing but great things about Dyson. I would so have to go with the animal over the multi-floor 🙂

  39. It’s so great to get fancy new cleaning objects, suddenly – if only for a day- you don’t have to pull teeth for people to pitch in with the cleaning! 🙂

  40. Thats a really great vacuum. Ours died a while back and I haven’t had the chance to replace it

  41. I am so in love with the Dyson handheld that I really want to go and buy the upright version. I am always in awe of what it gets out of the carpets.

  42. ToniPatton says

    We have the DC41 Animal and LOVE it. It really gets the job done!!

  43. Melanie Roberts says

    Thanks for the update on the new Dyson.. I had one I guess 2011 the Animal one, pull behind (Canister) and loved it.. it did burn up within a year and I’ve bought a few inbetween, but none was as good as my Dyson, I will have to check out the new one, I love the longer cord, will soo come in handy, thanks for sharing

  44. This is my dream vacuum. I have a long haired cat and a shih-tzu but until my vacuum dies my dyson dreams are on hold.

  45. I love my Dyson too and they do last a long time. I’ve used others in the past and while they were good, this is better.

  46. Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack says

    I have heard amazing things about this Dyson. I love how much it sucks up.

  47. so simple to put together! glad to hear they keep making dysons that work well

  48. A Mom's Take says

    Awesome comparison! The short cord always has bugged me. Otherwise, I LOVE my Dyson!

  49. ooo nice! I would love to try one of those, I’m going to have to go look into them! We have two dogs that shed and I’m always cleaning up dog hair!

  50. Oh this is nice. I need a newer vacuum … this may be one I look into!

  51. I have been trying to convince my hubby to get a Dyson for awhile now and your review makes me want one even more. lol With two small shedding dogs, I need something good.

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