Rosacea: What You Need To Know

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When you look in the mirror, have you noticed your face is turning red? Is the redness sticking around longer than it should? If it doesn’t want to go away, that rosy color might be Rosacea. Rosacea is a rather mysterious skin disorder, in that there is no known cause or cure. Rosacea can affect several places on the face, neck, chest and back, making it difficult to conceal, and while it isn’t life threatening, it can make a person quite self-conscious, as the redness often starts out resembling a sunburn that doesn’t go away. Alaska dermatologist Michael Cusack encourages people with rosacea to “visit a dermatologist and get back the confidence you deserve.”

Talk about aging gracefully!

One of the downsides of leaving your twenties behind, is that primarily, Rosacea affects most people beyond the age of thirty. However, it’s also true that women typically notice the changes in their skin sooner and don’t wait around to see a doctor. Men, on the other hand, generally tend to wait-and-see until the condition makes itself more difficult to treat. If you recall the actor, W.C. Fields from the 1920’s, one of his trademark facial features was a rather bulbous, red nose. Though at the time it was blamed on Fields’ heavy drinking, modern research leads us to believe now that this was actually a case known as Phymatous Rosacea, which leads to skin thickening, which occurs most often around the nose.


Of the four main sub-types of Rosacea, symptoms often come and go, in varying degrees of severity. Many times Rosacea first appears as reddened cheeks, chin and nose, which may or may not leave and reappear suddenly. It can also manifest itself as pimples and bumps on the skin, making you wonder if you are unknowingly revisiting your teenage years. If your eyes water or itch or if you develop excessive dryness and more than your fair share of styles, it’s possible that Ocular Rosacea may be making an unwelcome visit there. This situation really must be dealt with promptly, as it could cause damage to your corneas, something that may be very difficult to repair.


Now, as far as those treatments that you’re sure to seek out, there are several of them to choose from and most are quite manageable. Since you’re an individual, the treatment of your Rosacea will be individualized as well. There are several topical creams and lotions to apply to your skin that can help, as well as an oral medication that is specifically made just for Rosacea. If tiny blood vessels have appeared on your face, gentle laser treatment by a dermatologist may also be an option. To keep your skin as calm as possible, consider adding a gentle skin-care regimen which includes a non-irritating cleanser and as always, a lotion with an SPF of 15 or higher.

Coping with Rosacea

Of course Rosacea is not high on anyone’s list of things to deal with, but bear in mind that it is not life threatening. It’s treatable and oftentimes will become nothing more than a nuisance. Your red face doesn’t have to stay that way! The National Rosacea Society provides readers with FAQ on rosacea and how to cope with this skin condition. 

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  1. Thanks for this info. My sister’s were told they have Rosacea. I am wondering about myself because I do see my nose red at times.
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  2. vickiecouturier says

    I believe this is what my daughter has,,she is 28 an has been dealing with face issues for months now

  3. my hubby used to get this a lot when he was younger, but not so much anymore. it’s great to read that there are treatments out there if it ever comes back

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