Julep Giveaway 14 Polishes in 14 Days

I have a very exciting giveaway for you!  Starting today, you can enter for a chance to win a brand new Julep color before it comes out.  How exciting!  Plus, since I did choose the color myself I have to tell you how absolutely gorgeous it is. : )

Fourteen lucky winners will each receive a Julep nail polish in the shade Evie. Approximate retail value is $14 each.  One winner will be chosen each day until this giveaway ends.

Julep nail polish offers sophisticated, classic colors to beautifully compliment any look as well as bright and fun colors to liven up any outfit.  Its long-lasting formula provides days of chip-resistant wear.  Julep is a 4-Free polish meaning that it doesn’t include 4 nasty toxins that some other brands do.  Julep is toluene-, phthalate- and formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin free.  If you haven’t tried Julep polishes before now is a great time to do so!  Plus, if you love nail polishes as much as I do you might want to consider their Maven program where you pay a small fee and have polishes shipped to you monthly.  I’m a big fan!

Mickey and Minnie Nail Art

The color Evie was featured in my Mickey and Minnie Nail Art that I featured a few months back.  The color is a tad lighter than the picture portrays it.  It’s much lovelier in person, trust me.

Evie Julep Nail Polish

Here is a picture that Julep just put up on their website and I think it portrays the color much better.  You can purchase the color Evie by going to Julep.com.  Yay!  I’m so excited to see my nail polish for sale online.  Go buy it…then enter our giveaway which is ending very soon!

We’ll have the same Rafflecopter form throughout the giveaway and I’ll choose a winner each day and announce the winner below.

Winner #1: Lisa Marie

Winner #2: Daisy T.

Winner #3: Beeb A.

Winner #4: John H.

Winner #5: Julie B.

Winners 6-14 have yet to be determined.  Enter below to win.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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About Ashley

Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. I love the Julep color Raegan – the bright pink is so me! 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  2. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    I believe you that it’s super pretty. I love the way it looks and how you designed the Mickey & Minnie art!

  3. Debra Guillen says

    I like Myrtle

  4. Jennifer Soltys says

    That’s impressive! I love the color and that nail art is just the cutest!!!

  5. justmarriedwithcoupons says

    I love that color too! Those nails are the cutest 😉 Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  6. I Love Julep! – too bad this is a US only giveaway. While I pout in a corner I will try my new Minka matte Suede Julep polish 😀

  7. Jennifer Clay says

    I like Gayle.

  8. Love that color! Julep is such a fun nail poish brand. Really enjoy their colors 🙂

  9. I love glitter or shimmer bail polish best and tend to collect shades of blue, green and pink.

  10. May flower collection

  11. My all-time favorite color is an orangy-red color called cajun shrimp

  12. I love teal blue nail polish!

  13. Daisy Tremorev says

    I love the mickey and minnie nails. Too cute! My favorite Julep color is Alaina!

  14. Stephanie Ann says

    i’ve always loved a hot pink nail polish!!

  15. I love the deep purple of Sylvia! Gorgeous color!

  16. I like a lot of them, but Veronica is so pretty!! Thanks for the chance. P.S. I LOVE Evangeline! 😉

  17. I love the Jackie, my hubby always loves the bright reds on my toes 🙂

  18. Ooh, I really like the hot pink Nellie, since this girl’s all about the pink. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Mya Murphy says

    Lacey is gorgeous!!! myamurphy@mail.com

  20. john hutchens says

    I like Lois color

  21. i like sylvia

  22. A Mom's Take says

    LOVE the minnie nails!! I really like their “Angelina” color.

  23. I like the Veronica

  24. Paol Trenny says

    i like the

  25. Juana Esparza says

    I like the Sylvia color.

  26. Darlene Sullins says

    I like the Millie shade!!! 😀

  27. Angela Kinder says

    I love the Isla color!

  28. Julie Bickham says

    I like the Chelsea color, so pretty.

  29. michele376 says

    I like Raegan. It is just the right pink for me.

  30. margaretsmith says

    I love the Jackie color. Love that it’s also a creame finish.

  31. Love those nails!!! I want raegan

  32. Bryan Clark says

    blue or green

  33. Andrea Williams says

    The Karen color on their site is really cute.

  34. I like the Isla color and I always like basic red.

  35. I love the Mickey and Minie designs. So cute!

  36. kSquaredGlamour says

    i am loving the minnie and mickey nails!

  37. I like Sheryl and Maria from Julep.

  38. Sandra Unangst says

    I like Angelina It Girl.

  39. I love this orange coral color from Essie.

  40. I like the Veronica.

  41. I like Francis the most!

  42. I like Paris.

  43. Tiffany Dover says

    I love their Ally and Carly colors!

  44. I love Julep’s Natalie. I have been thinking about starting the Maven program I’m sure it would get addictive for me.

  45. I like bright pink sparkly.

  46. Kayla Black says

    I really like purple and sparkly 🙂

  47. Barbara looks so gorgeous *-*

  48. Scarlett! 🙂 So pretty and classic.

  49. I love Julep’s Lena and Petra colors!

  50. Cindy Wiley says

    Yay for naming the new color after your sweet little girl! 🙂 I miss her!

  51. jessica frey says

    I LOVE IT!!!!!Who wouldnt want a nail polish named after her 🙂

  52. Szappanbubi says

    I love their Barbara and Chelsea -glittery ones are the cutest!

  53. I like the Teresa Julep color.

  54. Karin Shaim says

    angela color

  55. Crystal Inlay says

    Ah-mazing <3 . <3

  56. Crystal Inlay says

    Any Glitter polish 😛

  57. blackblondeone says

    I love the nail art! So cute!

  58. the Ally! that bright blue was amazing!

  59. Linda Swim says

    the bombshell red and gold glitter for the holiday, yep

  60. I love Tracy!

  61. tanya devenney says

    any color in the purple family

  62. Ah-mazing

  63. I usually wear a beigy pink polish

  64. I love reds and pinks.

  65. I like the Nellie color. So hot and perfect for summer.
    Diana C

  66. I like the caroline

  67. Janice Crespo says

    I love their Fireworks Nail Polish

  68. Mandy Weirick says

    Madison is my favorite!

  69. Janvier Turley says

    Tracy is my favorite =)

  70. Raquel Alvarado says

    Love any glitter ones!

  71. I love either glittery or pastel nail polishes! (:

  72. I like anything shiny or glittery

  73. Julep January!

  74. Colleen Boudreau says

    I love Helen.

  75. Jennifer Snyder says

    I love ALL Teal polishes 🙂

  76. I love any sort of chrome polish, whatever the color!

  77. i like
    Kai from julep

  78. Erin Ortiz says

    Payton 🙂

  79. Sheila Hall says

    My favorite nail polish colors are in the teal or turquoise.

  80. I like the color fina

  81. I love Fiore

  82. I love Esmeralda! Green is my color 😀

  83. Endless Summer says

    I love nude with a hint of micro shimmer

    Elena Rudaya
    queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

  84. I would love something like Julep’s Esmeralda! 🙂

  85. Cara M James says

    Esmeralda, although I love this one too!!!:)

  86. i seem to be drawn to raspberry type reds. Esmeralda is stunning though.

    dani marie ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  87. I love nudes and light pinks, Carrie and Audrey are perfect for me)

  88. Jessi Nutile says

    Oh Canada is my fav shade from Julep! Thank you for the giveaway!

  89. love any holos, corals, purples!

  90. My favorite Julep color is Pippa. It’s the PERFECT nude!

  91. Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk says

    I love Yumi!

  92. Julep Petra

  93. Amy

  94. Carly

  95. Madison

  96. My favorite color is Etta

  97. Eileen Burke says

    I love their Ava color

  98. Slađana Sušilović says

    I love Madison

  99. Char, Natasha and Zora <3

  100. Patricia Casablanca says

    I love Nellie and Tracy.

  101. I love orange nail polishes, because the colour makes me happy, hah.

  102. Janet Benthin says

    I love Catrina!

  103. Kelly Wentworth says

    Catrina is gorgeous! But I do love them all.

  104. alaina is an awesome color.

  105. love them all

  106. I like the ally color

  107. Vicki Shaw says

    I love turquoise and aqua duochromes!

  108. Lena Payne says

    I love the holos!

  109. Chelsea

  110. I REALLY NEEEEEED another Robin. Mine is almost out, and it’s out of stock!

  111. angie dzieglewicz says

    Anything burgundy!

  112. I love the nellie color

  113. Tyla Renfro says

    I like the julep Lynn Swatch

  114. Divya Asha says

    Evie is my favorite nail polish color.

  115. I love the Joanna color 🙂

  116. Bekah Campbell says

    I like any shade of blue.

  117. so many! candace, carly, leah, lena, marion, marisa, sophia, tracy…

  118. Rebecca Brewer says

    Anything sparkly!

  119. Dima Krupnikov says


  120. Kheysina Alexandra says

    orange for me

  121. Virginia L Cuppernell says

    Purple is my favorite color. Right now I am loving a periwinkle blue polish! I hope I win! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  122. Karen McElfresh says

    Cassie and Melanie are my favorite Juleps.

  123. Aleksandra A says

    Definetely red – it’s perfect for every season or any occasion.


  124. Bhavani Sekar says

    My Favorite is turquoise and aqua duochromes!

  125. Debra Doyle says

    turquoise, deep blues, and holo’s

  126. Natalia Afonina says

    I love the nellie color)

  127. Petra Black says

    I love the Amy color:)

  128. I love Julep! Too hard to pick a favorite – I’d love to try their textured polishes.

  129. Carla Allio says

    I love the Chelsea colour! 🙂

  130. I really love jellies, any color especially greens and yellows, thanks for this giveaway!

  131. Vera Kusuma says

    I love Alaina,Catrina,Francis,Marjorie and Veronica..;)

  132. I really like Madison, Joanna, Carly, and Billie Jean

  133. I like Julep’s Paris (It Girl)!

  134. I love Angela (It Girl) and Joan (Classic with a Twist)

  135. Lovee Eden, Emlile, Angelina and Catherine :)))

  136. Ria Alemina says

    I love Sheer polish =)

  137. I like shades of pink and coral!

  138. Ging Aquino says

    I like Madeline, Maya, Emma, Emmanuelle, Robin, and Popova. 🙂

  139. My favorite is the Lois Boho Glam!

  140. vânia madureira says

    Chelsea for me!

  141. i love shades of light pink

  142. Joana Bento says

    I like most colors, but any shade of red makes my day!

  143. rene chartier says

    I love Julep’s Paris

  144. Ashleya Journey says

    I am in love with Color Club’s The Uptown right now!

  145. I like Angela

  146. billiondollarprincesss says

    I love a pastel pink like cotton candy

  147. billiondollarprincesss says

    I love a pastel pink like cotton candy

  148. Laurie Emerson says

    I love pinks like the Drew Bombshell.
    Laurie Emerson

  149. I’m loving coral colors right now!

  150. Dawn Sterner says

    I love anything shiny!

  151. I love pinks and reds… bright ones!

  152. Amanda Lawson says


  153. My wife likes pink or purple

  154. Jessica Wyatt says


  155. kathy flanagan says

    I like angela… ty

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