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This year, I am going to attend the She Speaks Conference in North Carolina on July 25-27th!  I couldn’t be more excited! She Speaks is an annual conference that brings together women from across the US to learn the “nuts and bolts of speaking, writing, leading, and influencing.”  This is a great opportunity to network face-to-face with those who I’ve known online for so long.  I’m thrilled to go and soak up all the knowledge I can!  All I need now is a sponsor…or two.  

Why would you want to sponsor me?  That’s easy.

1. My audience is highly targeted.

If you’re trying to reach family minded, college graduates, female (and a few men!) consumers in the age range of 25-45 then we’re a perfect fit!

2. My audience is committed and engaged.

Site Stats as of June 1st:

  • Over 91,314 page views this month (Google analytics)
  • 45,938 unique visitors this month (Google analytics)
  • Alexa of 62,010 
  • Google Page Rank of 3

My subscriber base consists of:

  • 5,177 email subscribers
  • 14,104 Twitter followers
  • 13,300 Facebook fans
  • 1,976 Google +

3. I’m a nice and easy going person to work with.

Ready to talk about a partnership? 

How will the funds from sponsorship be allocated?

  • Purchase of a ticket to She Speaks ’13. $775
  • Travel to and from the conference {I live fairly close so I’ll be driving to and from each day}. $75
  • Food during the conference. $50

Full Sponsorship – $900

By becoming my only Full Sponsor, you will receive:

  • Apparel branding – I will wear your brand logo for the part of the conference if you wish.
  • Advertising Space – 1 premium {above the fold} 125×125 ad placement on all 6 of my “Embracing” sites for 6 months.
  • Monthly Blog Posts – 1 post per month (for 3 months) on both & Facebook with your companies current news & promotions
  • Tweets/Instagram – At least 1 tweet per day with a link & mention of your brand during the conference. At least one Instagram photo per day with the mention of your brand during the conference.
  • Facebook Updates – At least 1 status update per day with a link & mention of your brand on our Embracing Beauty Facebook page during the conference.


By Sponsoring/Providing an iPad3, DSLR or Laptop – Your logo will be placed on the item and I will be using it during She Speaks.

  • Six months of advertising {125×125} on all 6 “Embracing” sites.
  • One blog post  that will feature your brand/latest products, deals and/or specials, including a link to your site.
  • Posts will be promoted on all social media sites.

Interested?  GREAT!  It’s easy to contact me… Just send an email to and we can talk.

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About Ashley

Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. You come across as incredibly entitled and materialistic. You’re looking for the entire amount of money to simply be given to you rather than earning it. And, then to top it off you’re hoping for a laptop or an iPad!

    This really gives a bad impression of Christians. Instead of begging, why don’t you wait until you have enough money to attend??

    • AshleyWalkup says

      I assume you’re not familiar with the blogging conference world. Many, many bloggers attend conferences through sponsorships. I’ve personally paid for every conference I’ve ever gone to but this time I thought it would be fun to partner with someone and help them out in return. A partnership is not a company feeling sorry for me and giving me money so I’ll quit begging. They see the value in what I have to offer and think it’s a good investment. If you’re familiar with blog advertising, you’ll also know that $900 is a STEAL for all of the things I’ve listed to give them in return. 3 blog posts, 6 months of advertising on 6 different sites? That’s worth much more than $900 right there.

      I hope that you’ve read my blog enough to know my heart and know that I’m not in this – blogging, conferences, and speaking gigs – for what I can get out of it. Sure, the money is nice but that’s not why I do what I do. I hope you can see that.

    • Emily Anne Ploch says

      It’s common for bloggers to be sponsored at conferences and companies are happy to work with them. She is not coming off as entitled nor materialistic. These material items are necessary to do what she does.

    • Danielle F says

      Honestly, this is “earning” it. Building up such a large dedicated audience, so many readers every month, and a good page rank is NOT EASY. This takes a lot of work and is hard to earn. The brand that sponsors this blogger is not just giving away money or products to her, they are also helping themselves by being advertised by a very reputable blogger. Also, as Emily stated, it is very common to be sponsored for conferences because this helps the bloggers engage with others who can teach them a thing or two to improve their blog even more, benefiting that company even more to be advertised by the blogger. Most companies respect and honor the fact that they can have a beneficial relationship with bloggers like Embracing Beauty and are happy to work with them.

  2. Patti Purelli says

    I know how expensive conferences (and everything to go along with them) can be, and know every penny towards sponsorship helps.Good Luck ~ Anyone who is in a position to sponsor you would be crazy not to.

  3. Jennifer Clay says

    This is a great deal! I hope you find a wonderful company to sponsor you! If you don’t they are crazy! Your blog(s) are AWESOME! Good Luck!

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