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As you know, I’ve been working on potty training my little sweetheart and we’re making progress.  Small baby steps.  Pull-Ups knows that parents often dread potty training and procrastinate starting the process.  They are seeking to make the process easy and fun by helping Moms through Potty Training Parties.





They provided me with the basic supplies for a great Pull-Ups party!  They gave us potty training progress charts, stickers, party hats, and party noisemakers.  Oh, and of course Pull-Ups…which we used as prizes for the games.  Super fun!   They even had the perfect gift to give the moms and dads – Pull-Ups coupons!


Pull-Ups Party Hat

My little sweetheart didn’t like her hat…in combination with everything else going on.  After we removed it, she calmed back down and enjoyed the fun.  She couldn’t quite get the hang of the noise blower but she enjoyed watching everyone else play with them.



Pull-Ups Coloring


We had “First Flush Celebration” color sheets for the kiddos to play with and I couldn’t believe my little girl’s sheet.  I’ve never tried to teach her to color in the lines because I figured she was too young but look closely, she did it on her own!  Of course, she scribbled all over the rest of the paper but she colored inside of two shapes without going outside.  I am proud!



Minnie Mouse Pull-Ups


These new Pull-Ups are ridiculously adorable. I’m talking serious cuteness!  You know I have a small, or maybe medium-sized obsession with Minnie Mouse?  Well, these diapers feature Minnie Mouse in the cutest way possible.  Because I don’t want to show you a picture of my kid’s bum, take a look at the back of the diaper package to see for yourself.  Super duper cute, right?  Well, not only are these Pull-Ups fashionable but they also have a neat feature.  The images disappear when they become wet {called Learning Design Pull-Ups}!  What a great extra method to help kids remember to go to the potty.  Pull-Ups also has a heavy overnight version and Pull-ups that get cool when they’re wet.  What will they think of next?


Pull-Ups Pants



Potty training is HARD work because each kid is different and as Huggies says, “Because no two kids train alike!”  What worked for one kid might not work for your next and what works for your best friend’s kids might not work for either of yours.  These differences make it ever so important for moms to communicate with each other about what worked and didn’t work for them.  That way, instead of beating your head against the wall when one technique doesn’t work you can just try another one.  Plus, Huggies has an awesome Pull-Ups Big Kid app to help those kiddos who are just starting or in the process of potty training!  The Big Kid App is packed full of tips, tools, games and more to help us celebrate every milestone with our Big Kids.  If you have a potty training tot you might want to download the app for your little one.


Don’t forget to also check out these sites for the latest Pull-Ups info:


When you visit Pull-Ups Facebook page, you’ll see a great sweepstakes they’re currently running.  I’m pretty excited about it!!!  You can enter to win a trip to the most magical family getaway destination on Earth!  Can you guess where that is? : )  Good luck!


Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to host a party. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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