Letter to My Daughter

My daughter


To my dear, beautiful, sweet daughter,


You are the happiest, most amazing, gorgeous little girl.  Today, your Mommy is not having a good day. I woke up tired and it’s only gone downhill from there. Today is one of those days when it’s hard being a Mommy.  I’m trying my best but it’s difficult.    It’s especially hard because you are so precious and I feel like I’m letting you down.  Today, I’m not the Mommy you deserve.


I know that in the long run it’s okay.  Some days will be filled with fun, educational play and some days we’ll settle for blocks and a little cuddling on the couch watching Sesame Street.  I hope you’ll remember the afternoons where we cooked french fries in your kitchen, read books, and had a ball practicing our fake sneezes.  I hope you’ll remember knocking down my block castles, rocking your baby doll to sleep, and dancing like lunatics in the living room.


I also hope that I remember days like these.  In 20 or so years when it’s  your turn to love and care for a toddler I hope that I remember what a hard day is like, how lonely this parenting gig can be, and how cabin fever can mess with your head.


I hope that in remembering I’ll make up for the sluggish days like today by comforting, loving, and championing you; by letting you know that I think you’re a wonderful woman and mother.  I know you will be!  Please know that I will always be your Mommy and I will always be here for you!


You and your Daddy are the best things that have ever happened to me.  I’ll love you always.





A few bloggers and I decided to put together a Letters to our Children blog hop and we hope you’ll enjoy reading these heartfelt letters to our children.  There are 13 blogs in total and to hop over to the next blog please visit, Penelope’s Oasis.  She’s fabulous, I know you’ll enjoy her!

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About Ashley

Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. Ashley, I love, love, love, your letter! It’s honest and heartfelt. Your daughter is very lucky. And, this time of year is tough on a lot of us…. I know I can’t wait until Spring! 🙂

  2. Love it! I think at any one time or another, every mother can relate to it!

  3. Jennifer Clay says

    Big hugs for you today. I know how hard the hard days can be!

  4. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says

    That’s so beautiful! It’s hard to really gauge what kids will remember looking back but I’d like to think the good times weigh more heavily than the bad.

  5. Penelope Guzman says

    What a beautiful letter! I agree, but it’s worth it, every second, and you are a great mom (and smart to realize your husband and daughter are blessings…I feel blessed too!)

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