Life Lately: Trampoline Park, Super Bowl, & More!

Trampoline Park

My little girl had so much fun at her friend’s birthday party last week!  This was the first time we’ve been to a trampoline park but it certainly won’t be the last.  That place was awesome!

Happy Baby

Here’s a picture capturing sweet Daddy & daughter time before bed.  It warms my heart!

Last week went by insanely fast, so I guess it only makes sense that this one felt sluggish and rough.  Even though it was stormy and rainy today we’re supposed to have temperatures in the high 70’s for the next few days.  That would be nice!  Some of our family should be visiting in a few weeks, that is, if everyone can stay well.  {This month has been awful for illness, hasn’t it?}  That will be a nice break from our regular routine and if the weather’s nice it would be a good chance to get out and enjoy it.  It’s hard to believe the Super Bowl is this weekend!  While I’m not one to really care about The Big Game (you know the one!), but you can guarantee that I’ll watch the commercials.  After we TIVO it that is.  I have my Big Game nail art all ready and ready to cheer on…wait, I haven’t consulted with my husband about which team we’re cheering for.  Can you tell I have no clue about football?  I know my husband likes the Georgia Bulldogs and Mark Richt but other than that I’m clueless.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thank you for letting me share a little about what’s going on in my world lately!  How are things in your neck of the woods?

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