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It’s that time of year again.  You know, the one where you get packages delivered to your door almost every day?  Or at least it seems like it!  Online shopping is fun and can bring some serious savings when you use our coupon code database but all those packages can get overwhelming sometimes, can’t they?  With UPS My Choice you’ll never miss a package and you can reschedule your delivery if you’re going to be out of town.


I LOVE this freebie!  Seriously, it may be my favorite of all time.  Months and months ago I signed up for UPS My Choice Alerts because I thought it might come in handy every once in a while.  I am now receiving packages about once a week or at least every other week and it is so nice to know when they are coming.  I get my UPS notice far before the company’s email telling me when it should arrive (if they send one at all).  I love this service and I really can’t believe that it’s free!


Here’s a look at the email they’ve sent me:


This notice alerts you that the shipment listed below is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.


Scheduled Delivery Date: Thursday, 10/17/2012


If the scheduled delivery needs to be changed, select the Tracking Number below or log on to to request a delivery change from the tracking detail.


Shipment 1

Tracking Number: 1Z328976039776564
Shipper: MARY KAY INC.


Approximate Delivery Time: between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM
UPS Service: UPS Ground


It’s short and sweet!  It gives me the option to change the address or to delay the shipping a few days if I’ll be out of town.  If you ever order packages, you should sign up for UPS My Choice!


This is “sponsored content” meaning that I get paid a tiny bit for everyone that signs up but I would not promote it if I didn’t use it myself.  I’ve promoted it before when I didn’t get paid a penny so you know that I honestly believe it’s a great service.

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