How to Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best In Natural Ways

Healthy Skin


Skin is one of the most important parts of the body. It is one of the first lines of defense against the elements and pathogens. It contains sweat glands that help regulate the body’s temperature and nerves that send pain signals to warn against danger, such as the pain felt when touching a hot stove, for example. Despite the importance of skin, its care is often neglected. Changes that come from natural aging may not be avoided, but premature aging and skin damage often can be diminished as long as skin is properly cared for.


Keeping Skin Moisturized


Keeping skin hydrated is a very important part of skin care. Maintaining skin’s natural suppleness through hydration keeps skin healthier and youthful-looking longer. Drinking water throughout the day benefits the skin from the inside out. However, some people still suffer from dry skin despite adequate fluid intake, especially on areas that are exposed to the elements, such as the face. Moisturizing body lotion for the body and a moisturizing face cream can prevent the itching and flaky skin associated with dryness.


Protecting Skin from the Elements


Sunlight, temperature extremes, and drying winds can easily damage skin when it is left unprotected. Applying a good sunscreen protects skin from the damaging, aging effects of the sun.


In harsh winter weather, the drying effects of a cold wind can take a toll. The best way to prevent skin damage is to cover exposed areas when possible and to use moisturizing lotions and face cream daily.


Daily Skin Care


One of the first things most people do in the morning is take a bath or shower. This is the time when daily skin care should take a front seat. Cleansing agents should match the skin type and leave skin feeling soft and supple. Facial skin requires the most delicate care because it is the most exposed and is the first thing people notice. A daily, gentle facial scrub removes old skin cells and leaves skin softer and younger looking.


Persons with dry skin should moisturize immediately after showering while skin is still slightly damp –patting the body dry with a towel rather than vigorously rubbing is gentler to the skin. Taking a little extra time in the morning to pamper the skin can help prevent dryness, damage and wrinkles.


Health and Nutrition


A body that receives a long-term diet of healthy food will age more quickly than a body nourished by health foods. Collagen is very important for the health and vibrancy of skin. Diets lacking sufficient quantities of vitamins, such as vitamins A and C, negatively affect collagen and causes skin to be more prone to wrinkles. Eating a balanced diet that is full of fruits and vegetables is one way to slow the aging process naturally.


Alcohol and cigarettes are also foes to attractive healthy skin. Both deplete the body of important vitamins, and both affect capillaries in the skin, leading to less youthful suppleness and more wrinkles.

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