No More Rack: Deals and Free Shipping!

Woot! Woot! Good news!!!  No More Rack always has great deals but right now they have a BUNCH of deals and are offering free shipping.  It’s rare to find an online site that offers free shipping without a minimum purchase!  This free shipping will only last for the next six hours so hurry and check out their site to see if there’s anything you want or have been meaning to buy.


  • First of all, make sure you sign up with an account on No More Rack.
  • Then, check a few times a day and look for the Purple Highlighted Insanity Deal that will pop up.  Only a few will be available.  But they guarantee that over the course of a month, 1,000 of each item will go up for sale. If they sell out before you get a chance to grab it, keep checking back because they will pop up again!


Here are some great deals I spotted while glancing at the site quickly:


3 Carat Sterling Silver Oval Sapphire Earrings
$11.00 Sale Price
$89.99 Retail



Emeril Knifes

Emerilware Forged German Steel Cutlery 5 Piece Set in Wooden Storage Box
$46.00 Sale Price
$129.99 Retail





Chacal Taylor Cindy’s Ostrich Night Tote by Alyssa
$33.00 Sale Price
$170.00 Retail


Get signed up and check out their site.  Hopefully you’ll be able to score some great deals and make Christmas a bit easier this year!

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