Beginner’s Guide to Blogging

Dare to fail


“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy


There seems to be an increasing number of people that are interested in running their own blog.  Interested in becoming an entrepreneur! Strong indicators of this interest are the numerous ebooks, forums, and well, blog posts written about this vein of entrepreneurship. Just last month alone, I received a couple dozen emails from women seeking knowledge and opportunities.


To help meet the need that is out there I have began writing a Beginner’s Guide to Blogging series.  I know that there are several people who have already written about this topic, many who are much more qualified than I am, but since people are asking for my help I want to do what I can to share all the information I know.


While I have several topics completed already {though none are published yet} today I thought, “What else should I include?”  Here’s where you come in.  I would love for you to share your questions.  If you’re a seasoned blogger feel free to share what you would have liked to have known in the beginning instead of having to learn the hard way.


I look forward to your thoughts to make this a thorough series!!


Before I close this, I just have to say that I am not at a place where I consider myself an incredibly successful blogger so please know that this isn’t coming from an “I have arrived” perspective but more like a friend trying to help you do what she’s able to do.  I hope that makes sense.  I will continue to hold on to this the Dare To Fail strategy.  It’s working so far.


Anybody else with me … ??

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About Ashley

Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. Brett Martin says

    great tips! i need a “7 year olds guide to beginning blogging” my oldest wants to blog!

  2. Beeb Ashcroft says

    Love that quote, great idea for a series!

  3. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    That’s a great quote. So true that pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone can yield the greatest rewards!

    I sure wish I’d known up front how time consuming blogging would be!

  4. Tricia Nightowlmama says

    I think the best posts come from bloggers who have completed certain stages and you should always feel that your writing is important. You may include tips that money can’t buy.
    Since I dont’ know what topics you already have covered i dont’ know what else you should include.

  5. Jennifer Hoyt Hendrix Hutchins says

    I cannot wait for your tips!

  6. The Rebel Chick Jenn says

    I have to share this with my aunt, she has been asking me how to start a blog but I’ve been too busy to help!

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