Bulk Business Mail Tag

Bulk Business Mail Tag


Today was a great mailbox day!  My weekly inserts arrived from Krazy Inserts.  My double jogging stroller came to review and even though that didn’t fit in my mailbox it still consider it mail. : )  I had a bunch of great freebies but along with them I found a Bulk Business Mail tag.   Has anyone ever received a card like this in your mail?  From what I’ve read in a few forums it seems that this belongs to the USPS and wasn’t meant for me.  That only seemed to be speculation and I was hoping for a more concrete answer.  Can anyone confirm that this is true?  I guess if no one knows, I’ll just try to catch my mailman and ask him about it tomorrow.


Thanks for your help;  I have the best readers!

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  1. I have never seen such a thing. I am very curious now though. But in general bulk mailings aren’t very exciting – they are usually junk mail. 🙁

  2. The Rebel Chick Jenn says

    How weird! It seems like that was given to you by mistake!

  3. Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired says

    That does sound like a great mail day. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Hope whatever it is shows up soon.

  4. I love good mail days and days when the FedEx and UPS drivers stop at my house.

  5. NO mail today but I had a good week:) Yes those are what they use to sort mail I believe. I would put it on the outside of the mailbox for them to take it back:)

  6. Beeb Ashcroft says

    I have no idea about that tag, but I’m very curious to learn what it means! I LOVE getting mail!

  7. Shell Fruscione says

    Weird! It seems like it’s more instructions for the postal workers- either the clerks {sorters} or the carrier. I’m going to have to ask my dad {a clerk for over 30 years} next time I talk to him because now I’m curious!

  8. I just got one of these in the mail today, too! Which brought me to your page… I am fairly certain I received it by mistake, as I don’t mail out anything in bulk… Going to call my post office and ask about it.

    • Just talked to the post office… the guy I spoke with basically said it means nothing, just a placard they put in there… which is odd and seems to be a ridiculous waste of money. The tag even states it is intended for reuse, but Dwayne, from my post office said I could throw it away…

      • That is crazy! Thank you for letting me know. My mailman said that he didn’t know but he would try and return it. :/

  9. Yep got on today and had no idea what it was. Mine days Friday clearance though and has a red 204 written in sharpie. Same number at the bottom.

  10. These cards are designed for in-house use within the Postal Service.
    However, carriers, like myself, use them as a “package marker” to remind us that we have one or more parcels for you. The markers I use are just plastic cards with no writing.
    I have seen many versions of these used by different carriers – some are homemade ! If you find anything like this in your mail, just leave it in the box with the flag up and they will pick it up the next day.
    Hope that helps 🙂

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