Free Hair Cuts at JCPenney Salons in August!!!



I just heard that JCP Salon’s are offering free hair cuts through August for kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  It’s first come, first served so call your local JCP Salon for an apt. now!  You can find that number on and click “Find a Store.”  I called my local store to confirm participation and they are participating!


Thanks, reader Dee!


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  1. Nanette Gray says

    I took my granddaughter of the free hair cut from Penny’s. What a
    BIG disappointment!!! The girl who cut her hair did so very little and
    what she did was horrible! My granddaughter asked for a few layers and a
    shorter layer for a side bang. Her ends were cut uneven with no layers
    and the so called short layer for bangs was just a big hung of hair cut
    out! My daughter had to fix it when she got home, this was not even
    worth the $5 tip she gave the girl. I could have done better in my
    bathroom with regular scissors!

    • I would suggest staying with your child no matter where they are or go. I wouldn’t give JCP a bad rep just because of one bad experience. I’m sure it was the stylist and I would have personally taken my child/grandchild back into the salon and asked for it to be fixed by a different stylist. I am sorry you had a bad experience though.

    • Jennifer Clay says

      I would have demanded that they fix that! Who cares if it was free!

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