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Chores were a part of my life growing up and I hope to carry on that tradition with my kids.  Ever since going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University I’m crazy about the idea of kids getting a commission instead of an allowance.  This teaches kids responsibility, gives them a sense of being needed, and makes them actually work for the money they’re given.  Of course certain things will be mandatory for living in our house like making their bed and helping set the table.


Do you remember how I told you, yesterday, that I house sat for a couple in Virginia Beach when I was in college?  Well, that couple had a complex chore chart on their refrigerator that I loved.  I had since wished that I had taken pictures of it or wrote down the details of it to copy for my kids later.  This family also had three containers marked “Save,” “Spend,” and “Give.”  This is also a system that Dave recommends.  Looking back now I wonder if they were big Dave Ramsey fans too.


Free online chore chart


As technology is becoming more and more a part of our society it’s no wonder someone came up with the brilliant idea to make an online chore chart…I just wish that someone had been me!  I’ve been checking out and it is pretty amazing.  It’s an easy to use online chore chart and reward system!  It helps you teach your kids responsibility, motivates them, and keeps everything neatly organized for you.  It even teaches kids to Save, Share, and Spend!  Here’s the best thing about it – it’s FREE!  I know, it’s wonderful.  I was so excited to learn about it and share it with you who might have children who are just the right age for this.  Check out this kid’s chore chart at


If you’ve tried chore charts/commission charts with your kids before I would love to hear from you what has worked and even what hasn’t worked!

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  1. Alicia Whittaker says

    Thank you for this post! I am definitely going to use this with my kids. They seem to think mommy is the one who should do all of the chores.

  2. I love It’s helped some around here getting the kids to do what needs to get done.

  3. We used the My Job Chart when the kids were smaller. It works!

  4. I need to make a chore chart for my kids.

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