Would You Have Plastic Surgery?

While I don’t know too many people who have cancer I do have one sweet friend who had breast cancer.  Recently she had breast reconstruction and a few ladies were sitting around talking about it and kind of teasing her for not getting a size D.  That got me thinking, if I had the chance to have plastic surgery, would I?  What about the cost of breast implants?  I’m not just talking about reconstruction but enhancement.


In the case of breast cancer I would opt for reconstruction for the obvious reasons but also because new studies have shown that breast implants deters cancer cells.  What about going above and beyond reconstruction.


What about you?  Have you ever thought about going under the knife to  change the way you look?  I use to toss around the idea when I was younger but I’m pretty happy with the way I look now.  That’s not to say that I couldn’t use a better diet and exercise plan but I don’t want to take any drastic measures.  Not to mention that the cost of breast implants is probably outrageous!



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