Ask the Readers: Ideas for saving with teens?

Today’s question is from Lisa:


I am very interested in ways to save money. I have two teens one is a boy who is eatting me out of house and home. The other is a” DIVA” in the making who only uses a towel once, washes a load of clothes almost every day. I need help and fast.


What advice do you have for Lisa? Looking back at your own life, what financial moves would you have made differently when you you had teens at home? What did you do right? How can Lisa go from worrying about money to saving more and feeling confident about her future?

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Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Beauty.


  1. Emily Ploch says

    I have 5 brothers and, in my experience, they don’t go “digging” for food. Put all of the “good stuff” at the back of the refrigerator or pantry. If they don’t see something they want right away, they give up. But, growing boys do need to eat. If you can get cheap cereal, that was one of my brothers’ favorite snacks. As for the DIVA, if she is going to treat your laundry room like a 24 hour laundrymat, make her pay up! $1.25 per load or something.

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