Groupon: 6% Cash Back thru Ebates *Today Only*

Groupon Ebates


Shop through Ebates for 6% cash back at Groupon only on Wednesday, January 25, 2012.  That’s double the normal 3% cash back you can get any day!  Ebates pays you cash back on a quarterly basis so your next payment will be sent on February 15, 2012.


To give you an idea of how those little savings add up I can tell you that I earned $35.26 just from my Christmas purchases alone.  That doesn’t include any referral bonuses at all.  I did try to watch for double cash back days {like this one!} but that’s all I did.  $35 for purchases I would have bought anyway is free money!


This post contains my affiliate link which means if you sign up you’ll get a free $10 gift card and if you purchase $25+ I’ll get $5.  Win-win!  Also, after you sign up you’ll get your own affiliate link to share with your friends!

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