Wisely Crafted Originals

Wisely Crafted Originals


If you are a regular Embracing Beauty reader then you know how much I love Etsy. I think that there is something special about buying an item that was made because someone has a passion for making them, not just because they have a passion for making money.  I try to buy as many gifts from Etsy as I can because I love to support small business owners and I think homemade gifts make the best gifts!


The Etsy shop I’m going reviewing today is Wisely Crafted Originals. This shop’s owner, Nancy loves to craft, and she especially loves making hairbands her little girls. I happen to have a bit of an obsession with baby headbands so when I discovered her shop I fell in love with so many items.  I was super excited when she agreed to send me two of her beautiful headbands to review.







Both headbands are absolutely adorable and look cute on my little darling, don’t you think? : )  Both are handmade with quality items.  The feathers, faux pearls, faux diamonds, silky ribbons, and well, everything looks top of the line.  I was also very impressed with how secure each part is.  I feel comfortable allowing my daughter to wear these without worrying about tiny pieces falling off.  Nancy mixed the perfect combination of rich colors and textures and sizes!  I think they look great online but they are so much prettier in person.  She made the headbands to my size specifications and it fits perfect!  The bottom side of the headband is covered with soft felt so that it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.


Along with the headbands mentioned above you’ll find tons of other really cute ones in Nancy’s shop.  Not as obsessed with baby headbands as I am? No worries, Nancy also has a beautiful assortment of clips, bows, and I would definitely recommend checking out Nancy’s etsy shop, Wisely Crafted Originals, to see all of the amazing handmade items she has to offer!



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