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If you’re like me, you have already bought all your office/back-to-school supplies long ago and are finishing your Christmas shopping.  I realize that most people aren’t like me though.  According to a study conducted by Mom Central Consulting and T.J.Maxx/Marshalls, 25% of moms surveyed wait until the last minute to do their back-to-school shopping.  If you fall into that 25% I have good news for you!  Well, it’s actually good news for anyone who likes to save money.

With the rising cost of gas, groceries, and just about everything else, people today are pinching their pennies like they never have before!  That makes blogs like mine and stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls even more popular.  81% of Moms surveyed said that the rising cost of items has affected their family’s back-to-school budget this year.

Here are my top ten tips for saving money on back-to-school shopping:

-#1  Set a budget! This may sound like a waste of time but it is oh so important to staying on track financially throughout the year and in this instance for school shopping.

-#2 Plan ahead. Make a list of what you need before you leave home.  Don’t forget to check and see what items you can reuse from last year.  You may also want to bring bottled water and a small snack if you plan on being there a while.

-#3  Quality counts. Decide on which items you can buy cheap and which items it’s worth spending more on.  Crayons and clothes are probably worth the extra money because they will last longer.  Pencils and hair-bows will probably be the same regardless of the price.

-#4 Get your child involved. You don’t have to cave into every item that they want and you find repulsive but it’s a good idea to let them choose some.  Not only will it make the shopping experience more pleasant but they will be more likely to wear it, feel good in it, and take care of it.

-#5 Shop early for school supplies! With coupon usage on the rise you can find several manufacturers coupons for basic school supplies.  Pair them with Walmart’s earliest mark downs for the best deal.  Don’t forget office supply stores!  They have some great back-to-school bargains around the middle of summer.

-#6 Buy clothing items that go with {almost} anything! I learned this trick from my great grandmother who grew up not having much.  Instead of buying a complete coordinating outfit that will  go with nothing else, opt for versatile articles that work well with each other.  This exponentially multiplies the number of potential outfits available.

-#7 Shop for off-season, clearance items.  When it is 99 degrees outside it is hard to go shopping for long-sleeve shirts and coats.   However, this is the optimum time to pick up clearance deals on these winter items as stores are practically giving them away.

-#8 Shop off-price retailers. Shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls will help you get quality {and designer} clothing at affordable prices.  Discount stores may offer similar prices but the quality is different.  For instance, at a discount retailer a $20 backpack was meant to sale at that price.  At off-price retailers, a $20 backpack was made by designers to sell at $40+.

-#9 Shop online. Especially if you know your child’s in a brand shopping online can save you big.  Shop through Ebates or ShopAtHome to save with coupon codes and get cash back in the form of a check!

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TJ Maxx/Marshalls gave me a $50 gift card to see what all bargains I could find.


The survey conducted by Mom Central Consulting and TJ Maxx/Marshalls show some interesting results.

Fashion Survey Results:

• When it comes to Moms and their kids agreeing on fashion choices, 75% say they only sometimes agree.
• Although finding a compromise on clothing choices can be a challenge, only 1% say they NEVER agree with their children.
• When asked what kind of clothing style their kids have, Moms equally say their child’s style is sporty, fashionista or classic, with each getting about 25% of the responses.
• 14% said other and 6% said geek-­‐chic
• 81% of Moms said their kids will be using a backpack to tote around their school supplies this season
• Sneakers are the most important type of new footwear during this years back-­‐to-­‐school shopping trip according to 84% of Moms.

About Marshalls:

They offer the hottest designer fashions for up to 60% off department store prices.  They have buyers traveling 40+ weeks each year to negotiate with more than 12,000 vendors in over 60 countries!  Marshalls is able to help consumer’s add this season’s designer looks straight from the source to their closets for less.  Marshalls is one of the nation’s leading off-price family apparel and home fashion retailers with over 870 stores spanning 42 states and Puerto Rico.  Marshalls not only offers brand name fashions but they also domestics for the home at prices 20-­60% less than department stores.

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of T.J.Maxx and Marshalls and received a gift card to facilitate my review and thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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