Leggings That Do Wonders

Leggings are still hot property this season and looking even better than ever, teamed up with any number of outfits, they can hide those lumps we don’t want to show. But only if they’re worn properly. We’ve all seen people on the street and wondered what they were wearing, only a few minutes later to wonder if people are thinking the same about you. It’s true that leggings are so comfy, it can be hard to realize exactly what you are showing off, but by following a few simple rules you can make sure you use leggings to their full advantage without every having to worry you’re showing off far more than you should.

The first and most important rule when it comes to leggings is to remember that they are not trousers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 0 or a size 20, leggings are to be treated in the same way as thick tights; they are not a replacement for trousers. If you wear them with a top or dress that doesn’t cover your bum, or even worse stops before the leggings start you are wearing them wrong, not to mention the fact everyone can see your underwear!

The next rule is to remember leggings come in different lengths, some stop just below the knee, others mid calf and others at the ankle. If you buy leggings that are shorter they are shorter for a reason, don’t try to cover them up with leg warmers or socks, go with their natural state. After all showing a bit of ankle can bump up your sex appeal.

Another important rule with leggings is that it is easy to look like a bad flashback to the 80’s. Leggings can give outfits a stylish young look to them, but it is easy to slip up, so avoid the big hair, the huge blusher stripes and any Wham t-shirts you may have laying around.  With leggings it’s all about common sense, they are the ideal thing for those warm days where it’s too hot for tights but too cool for bare legs. Treat them with a bit of respect and they’ll take you far.

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