Lucy is a Pedigree Ambassador

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I have been invited to participate in Pedigree’s Ambassador dog food trial hosted by Mom Central.  For the next six weeks, my darling Lucy will be transitioning to the a recipe of Pedigree.

When choosing a dog brand for Lucy we trusted what our friends told us.  They searched for a brand that was high on nutrition and low on fillers.  Once they had chosen a brand and it worked well for their dogs we soon followed after and gave that to Lucy.  It’s a bit expensive, few stores carry it, and because there aren’t a lot of preservatives in it so it has a short shelf life.  It would be nice to find a cheaper but good quality dog food.

I was sent a few questions to assess my Lucy’s health.  Here are the questions:

This is my smiling Lucy!

Skin & Coat (dull and flaky, average, shiny and soft)

Lucy is 10 years old and has a gorgeous shiny coat.  Every time I take her to PetSmart the workers ask me what I bathe her in and I tell

them my secret, we feed her a hard boiled egg every evening with her dog food.

Oral Care (dirty, average, pearly white)

Because Lucy is getting up there in age our vet recommends having her teeth cleaned every year.  They get a little dirty between cleanings but not filthy so I would say average.

Digestion (number of stools per day and quality)

Lucy loves routine in every aspect of life and this is no different.  She goes regularly at the same time everyday…and in the same section of yard each time. : )  She’s a creature of habit for sure!  Thankfully Lucy doesn’t have digestion problems often.  Occasionally her stomach will rumble and she’ll go outside and eat a little grass and be fine shortly after.  I always thought eating grass was to make a dog throw up but she never does.

Immunity (how often does your pup get sick?)

Besides the occasional upset tummy I don’t think Lucy has ever been sick.

Our Pedigree dog food arrived a little over a week ago and I really liked the fact that it was near in size to our current dog food.

We’re slowly adding more and more Pedigree to our current dog food but right now we’re only up to 25% Pedigree/ 75% other dog food.

We are only a few days into the transition but there seems to be no change in appetite, which is great!

I’ve always heard good things about the Pedigree brand so I would probably recommend them to anyone who sought my opinion.  In a few more weeks I’ll have a better idea if I can whole heartedly stand behind the brand or if my positive opinion will change…I’ll keep you posted.  In the mean time, you can follow @PedigreeUS on Twitter and be sure to take a moment and check out the Pedigree Adoption Drive Facebook page.

Disclosure:  I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Pedigree and received dog food to facilitate my reviews and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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