Easter Ideas II: Filled Candy Eggs

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I have loved peanut butter eggs for quite some time now and I have to say that these are the pretties eggs I’ve ever seen! Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous? I can’t wait to try this recipe to see if they taste as good as they look. If you try it leave me a note telling me what you thought of it.


Milk Chocolate Flavored Candy Wafers
Make’n Mold Candy Filling – Desired Flavor
Fillable Candy Mold, such as mold #4130


Melt Make’n Mold candy wafers according to package instructions. Use a spoon or shedless paint brush to apply a thin layer of melted candy wafers to candy mold cavity surface. Chill 5-10 minutes. Form small balls of Make’n Mold candy filling, and gently press into shells. Do not overfill, leave about a quarter of an inch at the top of the candy mold. Spoon a small amount of melted candy wafers over the candy filling. Tap the candy mold gently to smooth the surface. Make sure all the candy filling is covered. Chill 10-15 minutes.


This is another recipe idea from A.C. Moore.

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