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Okay, a slice of Heaven might be a slight exaggeration but these are certainly a little slice of wonderful! What am I talking about you ask? Slice of Life adult gummy vitamins! Have you ever tried adult gummy vitamins before? Are you like me and thought they would be too good to be true? Well, a few months ago Slice of Life asked me to review their Slice of Life adult multivitamins and I was thrilled!!! I couldn’t wait for them to arrive. Then I got to thinking…I thought one of two things must be true: 1)They would taste like an old shoe or 2)They would have a few measly vitamins that wouldn’t be enough to do any good. Before they arrived I did research on the web and found that they contained all the vitamins I need. Only a few days after I spoke with them I received my vitamins in the mail. They were wonderful! They were shaped like fruit slices. They have a delicious, sweet (but not too sweet) taste and come in a variety of different flavors. I was delighted to find that the Multivitamin flavor has the powerful antioxidant, Lycopene in it (found in tomatoes). All Slice of Life vitamins are safe for people with gluten or peanut allergies, and they are made with all natural ingredients (including the coloring).

The vitamins come in six flavors including:

Slice of Life review adult vitamin gummies– Multi + Lycopene: for optimal health and balanced nutrition

– Omega’s 3-6-9: for skin health, joint flexibility, and strong immune function

– Vitamin C + Pomegranate: for strengthening the immune system

– Energy + Vitamin B12: for maximum absorption of Vitamin B6 & B12

– Vitamin D3: for calcium absorption and overall health

– CoQ10 Ubinquinone: for cardiovascular health and cellular energy production

My husband and I reviewed a month’s supply of Multi+Lycopene & Energy+Vitamin B12….aaand we absolutely loved them! They tasted great and I loved that each day you could eat two gummies. Two was a perfect little snack! These aren’t the small dime size gummies that I’ve had before. These are big enough to enjoy and wont leave you wanting more. That was a big plus for me!

Another great thing about these vitamins is that my husband will actually eat them! He has never been a big fan of taking pills so taking a vitamin every morning for him was a chore but now he takes his vitamins every day (and he even reminds me to take them!).

Are you ready to try gummy vitamins for your family? Take this quick vitamin quiz to see which vitamins would be best for you. For those of you with little ones running around you should check out their Yummi Bear or Yummi Bear Organics line of gummy vitamins for kids.

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  1. Ashley! I was so excited to read this and so was my husband! 🙂 So, I'm just curious. Did you find that these actually work (as far as digestible and usable nutrients)? I'm definitely going to check into getting these for us to take.

  2. MrsAshley says

    Oh, I'm so glad I could help another family! Yes, I thought they were great at actually working. Here's a link to their most frequently asked questions. http://heronutritionals.com/faqs.jsp After you give them a try please drop me a note and let me know your thoughts on them.

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