7 Most Popular Work at Home Myths

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7 Most Popular Work at Home Myths


Who don’t like to leave his boring 9-5 job and work from home according to his convenience? Obviously everyonehas a dream of working at home where nobody monitors them and wants to enjoy the freedom of working whenever they want. Due to the numerous advantages which one can get from working at home more and more people are now searching work from home opportunities. But there are some misconceptions too which need to be addressed. So in this article I am going to bust some of the most common myths related to working from home.


Myth #1: I’ll be rich overnight by working from home

Many people think that they will start earning six or seven figures of money daily by working from home and will get rich overnight. Do not waste your hard earned cash in buying “get rich quick schemes” books. Buying these types of products will only make one person richer and you’re not that person (Guess, who is that person?). There is no easy way to get rich online unless you are an exception and going to launch a new Search engine.


Myth #2: I’ll be my own boss.

This statement is correct to some extent. While working at home you have some freedom to work according to your convenience but it doesn’t mean that you are relieved from all sorts of deadlines. You have to work day and night to chase deadlines set by your clients. Working from home is not a kind of vacation and you have to work really hard to be successful. Many times you will find yourself working for more than 40 hours a week, on holidays, weekends. Don’t think that working from home is a piece of cake.


Myth #3: I’d be having more time to spend with my family.

Have you read Myth #2?Working from home is just like any other job where you need to focus on your work. Almost all people think that they would be having more time to spend with their family and kids but it’s completely untrue. You won’t even realize that how quick your day will pass while working without giving you any time to talk with your family.


Myth #4:Getting online work is very easy.

In online world you have to compete at global level to win projects. So if you are thinking that getting anonline legitimate job is easy then you should think again. The time that it will take to get first job depends on how much effort you are willing to put in and may varies from few days to few months


Myth #5: Nobody makes any money from working at home.

This is completely rubbish. The person making such kind of statement has either never tried to work online or has never succeeded in making money online. It doesn’t imply that all online jobs are scams, if you are unable to find any legitimate online job.

Myth #6: I’d be more productive while working at home.

It’s not completely true. Obviously you will feel more secure and relaxed while working from home and would be away from all kind of dirty office politics but your productivity also depend on your home atmosphere. That said, sometimes it may become difficult to work when your kids have holidays.


Myth #7: I’ll dress up like a professional while working at home.

Are you serious? Why are you working from home then if you want to follow that stupid dress code policy? Ok, it depends on you, but I am sure you won’t be able to stick to your professional dress code for more than a week and will find yourself working in your night pajamas.


There were the seven myths which I knew. Now it’s your turn to share your working at home myth with us. Feel free to tell us about more myths in your comments below.


Gagandeep Singh is a freelance writer and loves to write on landing pages, making money online, affiliate marketing, web 2.0 and conversion rate optimization.

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  1. The Image Expert says

    While working at home makes it tempting to spend all day in your pajamas, I still encourage my clients to get dressed and look nice. The way you dress really does affect the way you feel, the way you think, the way you act, and the way that others respond to you. While there may be no one else around, dress affects productivity. It's possible to be comfortable and professional at the same time. http://ow.ly/199se

  2. Oh, I completely agree! It is hard, super hard but it's worth it. Sometimes before I have to make a call I'll run around the house (go ahead and laugh, it's okay) and do whatever I can to get my energy and enthusiasm built up.

    I always encourage women to put a little extra effort in the way you look in the morning. I don't recommend a suit for stay at home moms but if you put the effort into wearing nice jeans,dried/styled hair and whatever make up you would wear to the grocery store you will feel more professional. However, if I'm just making emails all day, pjs usually get the job done. I can type professionally no matter what I look like. : )

  3. Myth #8: I can be a stay-at-home mom and earn a living at the same time.
    This is not exactly a myth because I am sure some people succeed, but I am speaking from my experience. I am a stay at home mom and try to help my husband as much as I can with secretarial work (computer projects and correspondance.) It is amazing how hard it is to accomplish anything with a toddler in the house! Anyone who thinks it would be easy to work a job at home and take care of their small children doesn't understand the demands of either job. Any job, whether stuffing envelopes or doing online work or preparing for sales parties, takes a lot of focus and time, just like a "real job." And toddlers get into everything–hitting computer keys, coloring on papers, demanding your time while you're on the phone. You might as well take your toddler to the office for all the good staying at home does. I have learned to be flexible and get the job done when I can, but I am glad I don't have to make a living working at home.

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