Coupon Cactus – Get Cash Back on Online Purchases

I’ve been a happy member of Coupon Cactus since 2008 and I want to tell you about how use can use Coupon Cactus to help save your family money.

Coupon Cactus scours the web for the biggest coupons, deals and sales at over 2,000 of the best known stores! (A few of my favorites are VistaPrint, Overstock, Victoria’s Secret, Zazzle, Personalization Mall…and many, many more!) At Coupon Cactus you’ll find thousands and thousands of online coupons and coupon codes with a variety of discounts including money off your order, a percent off your order, & free shipping. These coupons are free to everyone and there is no registration required.

They also have a cash back program that I think is fabulous. You do have to register to be a Coupon Cactus member but you can get cash back ON TOP of the coupon discounts offered! : ) That makes this frugal girl happy. Just to make sure I’m being clear here’s an example…if you use a 20% off coupon code and the store’s cash back rate is 5% then you will save a total of 25% off your order. Just about every store on Coupon Cactus qualifies for cash back. The sign-up is a simple registration and you tell them where to send your cash back (Paypal or a mailed check).

Some of the deals include:

Dream Template 12% cash back

Smashbox 4% cash back

Symantec Norton 10% cash back

Carbonite 12% cash back

Last but not least, when your friends sign up for Coupon Cactus with your referral number, you get a bit of a extra every time they buy something too (& it doesn’t come from their savings!). Everyone wins! If you’d like to help me out…and I wish you would, please give my member #106647 when you register. Then tell your friends to sign up with your member number to earn even more savings! Enjoy! Hurry, go sign up today. : )

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