Free Lego Club Jr. Magazine

A friend just told me about a great FREE magazine for kids, Lego Club. I never had Legos as a kid but I always wanted them. I’m don’t want to buy them now for fear that I would take it to the extreme. I’ve heard of a woman who built all the furniture in her house out of Legos. She even laid her mattress on top of a Lego built frame. Have you heard about the house built out of millions and millions of Legos? James May’s Lego House went up in 2009.

Here’s a free 2-year subscription to Lego Club Jr. magazine (a $7.95 value). The magazines targeted age is for kids 6 and younger. Be assured this isn’t a catalog; it really is a kid’s magazine with comic strips, activities, puzzles, and of course designs for new Lego designs.

If you have more than one child at home who is interested in Legos you can get a total of two memberships per family. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for your first issue.

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