Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! It is the last Monday in January and that means it’s officially Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

Here are 10 fun facts about Bubble Wrap:

10 – This is the 50th anniversary of Bubble Wrap!

9 – Today marks the 10th Annual Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

8 – There are more than 250 Bubble Wrap Facebook pages.

7 – Each year, Sealed Air says it makes enough Bubble Wrap to stretch from the Earth to the moon and back, reported the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Wow!

6 РToday only, the factory lines in the company’s Saddle River, N.J. facility will change from the popular clear to gold to commemorate the historic occasion.

5 – Bubble Wrap is a trademark brand of Sealed Air Corporation.

4 – It was originally developed to be a textured wallpaper (created by Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding).

3 – Chavannes was on an airplane when he realized that Bubble Wrap could be used as an improvement from old newspapers for cushioning fragile items.

2 – Popular uses for Bubble Wrap include Paint applicator, bubble chocolate, window insulator, fruit protector, bubble trap, drink cozy… check out the top 50 fun ideas and practical bubble wrap uses!

My last fun fact is a fun activity!
1 – Check out BubbleWrapFun.com

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