A Mother’s Worst Nightmare!

Shellie Ross, a blogging acquaintance of mine had the worst thing happen to her today! Her baby boy died. I don’t know the details but he was found in their pool at their new home. Her husband is in the military and out of town right now. Her little boy was two years old. Lee, a blogging friend has gone over to stay a few nights with her until her husband can arrive home.

This just makes me sick to think about. I can’t put together the words.

Prayers are the best thing but if you’d like to send a card send it to:

  • Shellie c/o Trisha Haas
  • 5359 cimaron court
  • theodore, Al 36582

Trisha from MomDot is taking cards on her behalf and will send her a box full soon.

Please pray for this family.

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