Black Friday Price Matching
What are your plans for Black Friday? Are you planning to shop online, head out at 3 am, or skip the shopping all together? I believe the easiest way to save money on Black Friday would be to stay home and shop online. However, if you are like me and absolutely must go out, I recommend shopping at stores who are willing to price match their competitor’s Black Friday pricing. This should save you time from running to every store and you may even be lucky enough to find a less crowded store that could just as well meet your needs. If you plan to do this be sure to save every sales circular you’re interested in because the stores that offers price matching require you to show a flier as proof. The list I’ve accumulated so far are as follows: Walmart, Office Max, Office Depot, Lowes, & Home Depot. If you find any other stores who price match or if you find any great deals I would love to hear about them!

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