Free Blogger Post Divider Images from Blogger Scrapbook!

Have you noticed my new blog & Twitter design? I just love them! Several of you have sent emails or tweets telling me how much you like the change. : ) Thank you but I want to give credit to who credit is due. My friend Sarah from Blogger Scrapbook is the one who worked so hard behind the scenes on my blog. She did a complete new design with complete set up too!

Blogger Scrapbook is a new blog produced by Reflecting the Designer that has a tons of free, helpful tips and tricks for customizing your blog. There are html basics, how-to’s, as well as Free graphics and blogger themes. I know you all like the word free, am I right? Well this isn’t just free it is also stinkin’ cute!

This is just one of the free post divider images available at Blogger Scrapbook! Isn’t it adorable? Check them out for more graphics, and instructions on adding dividers, signature graphics, buttons, and more to your blog!

Here is what I got when I asked her for a new design:

  1. Color scheme and layout to fit her individual needs
  2. Original and unique Header Image
  3. Original and unique Logo Design
  4. Original and unique Block Header Images and Icons
  5. Original and unique Post Divider Image
  6. Original and unique Signature Graphic
  7. Original and unique Customized Web Button (She has added it to her site, too)
  8. Original and unique Widget for Under the Menu
  9. Original and unique Back-to-Top Button
  10. Horizontal Menu
  11. Help with Organization and Streamlining the look and information flow on the blog
  12. Complete Theme Set-Up (including widgets and making extra widgets accessible)
  13. Original and unique Twitter Background Graphic Images to use for other applications such as Facebook, etc.
  14. A complete uniform and professional look for every aspect of Beauty4Moms’ web presence
  15. A design that not only looks nice but validates in multiple browsers
  16. A turn around time of just a few short days (I was amazed at how fast she worked!)
  17. A fun and friendly person to create, tweak and perfect what I had envisioned
  18. And the entire package for an unbeatable price!

Head on over to Blogger Scrapbook and take a look at her cute freebies, blogging tips and see which of her design services interest you.

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