Layers Clothing Review

Layers Clothing is a clothing label that stared in 2005 that offers a great line of clothing options for women. They have great pieces ranging from dresses to camis to bathing suits. They want to offer a line of clothing to women that is both fashionable and affordable.

I absolutely love how the founder and designer, Michelle Boley, followed her heart and designed a clothing line that is intentionally modest. Here is her quote that appeared in an interview with her on the companies blog. She said “Modest styling is the most timeless and trend-proof. As a conservative designer, it can be discouraging that the word “modesty” often has a negative connotation as it relates to fashion. I think a modestly dressed woman gives off an aura of allure and confidence. She has style and self-assuredness, while having nothing to prove.” I couldn’t agree more!

Layers Clothing Collection | Dylan

Layers Clothing sent me the Dylan shirt to review. It has a great round neck and is form fitting just enough to give me some shape. This is a fabulous shirt, the addition of the asymmetrical pleat at the top adds a nice detail. I received it in steel, but they also have it in ice (as shown above). This shirt was very comfortable, breathable, and even wrinkle resistant! Overall I love the shirt, the simple yet trendy styling really appeals to my taste. The price is reasonable and I now have a great “go to” piece to add to my wardrobe.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from their current line!

Layers Clothing Collection | Juliette
I also like the fun detailing of the ruffles on this Juliette shirt.
Can you believe it is on sale for $19? It’s true!

Layers Clothing Collection | Harper
This Harper shirt looks super comfortable and flattering on a number of figures.
This is on sale for an amazing $17!

The holidays are just around the corner so get out your list and search Layers Clothing for cute, comfortable, modest, and affordable clothing.
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