Massive load of ink pens on sale!

Directly from Grave Yard Mall‘s website:
“5 pounds of pens…..what will they come up with next? Ok, here’s the deal. You use pens almost everyday of your life. Your parents used pens and even your computer age children still use pens. Yes, it’s lovely to have a $200.00 Cross or Monte Blanc handy, but reality is that most of us riffle through our kitchen drawers looking for something to write with. Well, now’s your chance to fill those drawers up on the cheap.

Here’s the scoop on this deal. Each pen is a brand new metal click or twist pen. Most pens would sell for $2.50 or more each if you bought them in bulk blank. but these aren’t blank. They have logos, addresses, phone numbers and more from various businesses. They’re misprints and overruns from companies looking to promote themselves. Do we care….NO! because they’re brand new working pens just like we need at home, at the office or at school.”

  • get 5 lbs. of pens (approx 110 pens in all)
  • Each pen is a metal click or twist pen
  • Pens will range in color and size (see picture)
  • You will be pleased with the quality

    5metalpenpackCompare At: $275.00Our Price:$13.99
  • I don’t know why anyone would really want 5 POUNDS of pens but I thought there might be someone out there. How about 6 lbs. of plastic pens, could anyone use those? They also have those for the same low price of $13.99.

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